From Houma to Apalachiacola, 2001

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Intracoastal Waterway
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Intersections in the Mississippi delta
Complete with signs
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Some houses have boat access only.
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Some kind of plant.
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Here's the official mouth.
Here are the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.
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Here's the side channel I went through in the red boat.
Same channel
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This part was really disorienting. I kept thinking I was going in the wrong direction, and had no sense of height.
I eventually came to some islands, and the air cleared up.
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The mainland, after over an hour over the ocean.
Gulfport and a C5
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A lighthouse
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Dauphin Island's airport was covered with hermit crab shells. I heard a crunch when I landed and thought the plane broke something.
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Sand Island Lighthouse. This is the same one we went to on waverunners and in the red boat.
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Offshore Oil Rig off Mobile Bay
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Destin, Florida
Would you ride a waverunner through this?
Is there a bubble in the brake line?