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Photo Mud is a very nice program. You can have a free copy and use it all you want. There is no DRM, Copy Protection, Authentication, Product Key, or other nonsense.

      Click here to download Photo Mud -- Version 6, October 9, 2019

There are no guarantees, but I would like to hear from you if you have any problems, questions, comments, suggestions, or general harassment:

Most people use Photo Mud to browse and edit photos. Actually, most people have never even heard of Photo Mud, but those that use it generally use it for photo browsing and editing. You can also use Photo Mud for various image tasks such merging black and white photos from filtered cameras on NASA spacecraft into single color images, finding duplicate images on your hard drive, printing a calendar with all your relatives' birthdays and ages (except your annoying kids), or adding comments to your images so they can be printed, displayed on your calendar, or output to a thumbnail web page.

The thumbnail web page use images you select from one or more folders, and automatically make thumbnail copies at a specified resolution, such as 240x180. You can add captions, or import comments from the image. You can also import date, time, latitude, longitude, and altitude from the .jpg information. The thumbnails can be displayed with a dropped shadow, and you can specify colors, borders, etc.  Here's an example of a web page generated by Photo Mud. Here's another.

The calendar function is pretty nice because you can maintain a file with your own birthdays and special dates. Photo Mud normally prints out the age of the person along with the birthday. You can also add holidays, moon phases, eclipses, and Turing Award Winner birthdays automatically. Beethoven's birthday is included at no extra charge.

Photo Mud has splendid batch processing capability. For example, last week I had a folder with a some photos in it, from a web page. The web page was old, and the photos were lower resolution (800x600) than I now prefer (1600x1200). I automatically tagged photos with identical names in the folders containing the original photos. I made copies of the tagged photos at 1600x1200 resolution, and then copied the comments from the old 800x600 photos to the new 1600x1200 photos. It was easy! If you didn't follow all of that, just pretend you did and act impressed.

Enough sales pitch. Here are is a partial feature list:

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