Space Shuttle Launch

July 4, 2006

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I was sailing the Minnow up the the coast of Florida by myself in 2006, and I heard that they delayed the space shuttle launch one day. Since I was going that way, I anchored off Cape Canaveral to see the launch the following day. I radioed the Coast Guard and asked them if I was OK if I stayed three miles offshore, and they said that would be no problem.

The next morning, the Fourth of July, I woke up to a honking horn. I eventually realized I was on a boat and not in a big city. Then I remembered I was anchored offshore, miles away from anybody. I staggered outside and saw a Coast Guard boat. When I finally woke up enough to operate the radio, they told me I needed to go south a few miles. I asked if I could go north. They said I'd have to go pretty far (past "charlie alpha"). I asked them to wait and tried to figure out whether to go north or south. Then the range control officer said I could go three miles southeast. So I did. They were all very polite and professional. And patient.

When I anchored, there were no boats anywhere around me. The Coast Guard was patrolling behind me. Once I heard the Coast Guard or Range Control people ask on the marine radio, "Are you going to let that sailboat stay there?" They did. I was still a few miles away, but I was happy to be that close.

I listened to the marine radio part of the day before the launch. I was impressed with the Coast Guard, and the efficient and courteous way they kept boats out of the off-limits areas. Those guys are good.

I waited around until 2:38 and the shuttle went up. It was really, really impressive. It was bright and loud. There was an interesting contrast between their speed and mine.

July 3 Sunset
P1080385a.JPG P1080393.jpg P1080399.jpg
Shuttle Assembly Building
Another launch pad
This plane flew by before the launch
Engine Start
P1080436.jpg P1080442.jpg P1080448.jpg P1080449.jpg
P1080450a.JPG P1080452.jpg P1080453.jpg P1080457.jpg
P1080459.jpg P1080461.jpg P1080476a.JPG
NASA had a little better view

hi resolution
NASA had a little better view

hi resolution