1977 Archer II, N8272F

[Price: $82,000] SOLD!

PA28-181, serial number  28-7790236, N8272F
Aircraft Total Time 2696.6 hours (as of 10/22/04)
Engine Total Time Since Factory Overhaul 685.8 hours (as of 10/22/04)
Last Annual Inspection: 10/04

1. IFR certified GPS -- Apollo 2001 NMS.
2. KX 155 Navcom with KI 209 VOR/GS/LOC indicator.
3. KX 170B Navcom with KI 208 VOR/LOC indicator.
4. KMA20 TSO Audio panel with 3 light marker beacon receiver.
5. KT 76 TSO Transponder with Narco AR-850 Blind Mode C.
6. MD40-65 GPS CDI and enunciator with Rosetta grey code converter.
7. Apollo Moving Map display with panel mount data port.
8. Flight Com 403mc 4 place intercom.
9. Avionics Master switch.
10. Piper Auto Control III-B autopilot.
11. Hobbs hour meter.
12. True airspeed indicator.
13. 8-day clock.
14. Electric pitch trim.
15. Insight GEM 601 engine monitor system with 4 point EGT, CHT and OAT.
16. Remote ELT.
17. Dual PTT on yokes.
18. Low drag antennas NAV and Com.
19. Cigar lighter in panel.

Airframe Equipment
1. Knots2U aileron, flap and stabilator gap seals, flap hinge fairings, and wing root seals.
2. Wing tip strobes.
3. Whelen beacon strobe.
4. Factory wheel fairings.
5. Fiberglass wing tips, stab tips, tail cone and rudder cap.
6. Fuselage Aux battery plug.
7. Bracket Air filter.
8. New rear overhead vent panels.
9. Halon fire extinguisher.
10. Vent fan blower system.
11. Pitot heat.
12. Dual toe brakes.
13. Pilot and co-pilot articulating seats.

We purchased this plane in 1996, and are selling it now because we don't fly it much any more. It has always been well-maintained.

PICT9674.jpg PICT9678.jpg PICT9680.jpg PICT9681.jpg
PICT9682.jpg PICT9683.jpg
Knots2U aileron, flap and stabilator gap seals, flap hinge fairings, wing root seals. This gives a noticeable increase in cruise speed.
Engine Total Time Since Factory Overhaul: 685.8 hours
Engine has been well maintained.
PICT9689.jpg PICT9691.jpg PICT9693.jpg
PICT9695.jpg PICT9696.jpg PICT9698.jpg PICT9699.jpg
PICT9700.jpg PICT9702.jpg PICT9704.jpg PICT9705.jpg
PICT9709.jpg PICT9713.jpg PICT9714.jpg PICT9715.jpg
PICT9717.jpg PICT9718.jpg PICT9724.jpg PICT9726.jpg
PICT9728.jpg PICT9729.jpg
The only damage history was minor damage from a deer strike in 1997.
PICT9731.jpg PICT9732.jpg

Piper PA28-181

Engine - 180hp Lycoming O-360
Max Gross Weight - 2550lb
Useable Fuel - 48 gal
Seats 4

Vso - 49kts
Vs1 - 55kts
Vx - 64kts
Vy - 76kts
Vfe - 102kts
Va - 113kts
Vno - 125kts
Vne - 154kts
Cruise - 115 - 125kts

Note:  I just copied this data from a web site.
Read the POH to make sure it's correct.