bike shop

I believe, it was easy to guess what place we are going to visit first.

No motorcycle shop can survive through evacuation day.

Label tells- motorcycle Chezet, 26hp, 343cc, price 1050 rubles... Chezet! that was a dream bike for all young people in a Soviet Union. Crowd of boys have been hunging around in those stores dreaming of what they could do with 26 hp bike if Grandpas had only 15 ponnies and how can you afford it, if average monthly wage was only 180 rubbles? then alarm, evacuation, panic... no shop assistants no police.. this shop has been emptied out in a matter of hour. Banks survived, even jewelry stores survived through evacuation day, but this shop didn't have a chance. P.S. Police start shooting marauders as only first radiactive tv sets appeared on a second hand market, in Kiev.

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