We crossing border with Belorussia, it is another country. Evil wind brought here 70% of Chernobyl radiation. If we will travel deep into Belorusian territory we'll get an idea about total area that is poluted and not good for living. Houses here mostly made of wood and they absorb radiation like a sponge.

this is Belorusian cemetery, in many villages scratches on that crosses the only chronicle that left. I couldn't find particulary this village on my map and on cemetery I saw that all people that lived in this village for last 200 years were Smirnovs. It must be sectarian village, one of the sect where brothers have been marrying sisters and they all used to have one last name. I put this village on my map as Smirnovka.

road on Chernobyl

Time to fill bike with fuel and open throttle, we are on best road in this area, this one lead from big egg to Chernobyl. There is no commercial gas stations in a dead zone, so tank must be full. We don't need to run out of fuel on the middle of some nuclear desert.

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