1946 Piper J-3 "Cub"

S/N 18687
Aircraft Total Time: 1763.4
[ $28,000 or best offer ] SOLD!

Continental C85-12, S/N 23023-6-12
Total Time: 1186.1
TSMOH: 310.1
TSTOP: 94.5

Aircraft Equipment
Cub Face Airspeed
Vertical speed indicator
Sensitive Altimeter
Recording Tachometer
Wet Compass
Oil Pressure Gage
Oil Temp Gage
Ameri-King ELT AK-450 with Remote
Peterson Auto Fuel STC

6 gallon Wing Tank (18 gallons total)
The wing has metal spars. Covering is Ceconite.
The fuselage was covered 1-2 years ago, the wings about 1983.
The struts were installed new in 1984 with sealed struts.
The forks were changed in 2000, P/N M036000 forks from Univair.

Bob or Mike Webster, (918) 825-4844

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