Heylin and Norman on Audio Tape

Heylin (Van Valkenburgh) Schuermann talking with Anita Schuermann in 1987.
This is 23 minutes and 21 megabytes. It will take a little while to download.

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Norman Van Valkenburgh, Trudy, Lois, Alpha, Paul, and Doris talking in 1988.

Gathering (1.6 mb)

Where were you born? (1.1 mb)

The Land Run (1.6 mb)

Harper Kansas, Tornados (2.3 mb)

Deer Creek Business (2.6 mb)

Grandpa Herndon, Protection KS, DeMoss, Nannie, the Creeks (3.0 mb)

Homestead, Revival, Dugout, Bedbugs (2.7 mb)

On the Farm (4.0 mb)

etc. (1.1 mb)