The Family of



Clarion County, PA


By Malvern C. and Myrl M. McCall

Converted to computer format 2004
Richard C. McCall

This is a history of the descendants of Robert McCall who landed in Charleston, S.C. with his parents in 1790. It is not presented as a complete and authenticated story of the family, but we have spent a lot of time and effort in getting together as many names and dates as we could. Because of the number of people involved, we have decided to stop with the sixth generation. We hope many individuals will add their own families in the 7th and 8th and later generations to keep it current. We feel that we must get our present information in print, even though it is not complete, because our time and enthusiasm are running short. Better incomplete than nothing!

Our first information on the early families came from Mina Lemon, No. 12221 of Fullerton, Calif. She had a copy of a history of the McCall famliy in Pennsylvania, written by Jane McCall Stewart, No. 121 when she was more than 80 years old. She had written this from memory. We found the dates for many of those early McCalls by searching the Concord Cemetery in Clarion Co. PA. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCall No. 124352 of Parker, PA. have contributed a great deal of time and information on the families of that area. We thank many others who have furnished data on their branches of the family.


The first McCall, (name unknown) who came to Carolina was given the number 1. His children were numbered 11 (one-one), 12 (one-two), 13 (one-three), and 14 (one-four), in order of their birth (hopefully). Robert is number 12, so his children become 121, 122, 123, etc. William, his first born is 121, so Williams children are 1211, 1212, etc. Thus the number of digits in anyone's number tells what generation he belongs to -- 4 digits means 4th generation. Also, if you have the number of a certain person, and want to find his father or mother, just drop the last digit and you have the number of his parents. By this system, numbers may be assigned indefinitely to future generations by going back to their latest known ancestor who has a number. Since it has not always been possible to find dates of birth, the numbers given may not always be in the correct order, so it is possible that 13 was born before 12. In cases where one family had more than 9 children, a problem arose. For instance after 128 and 129, we could not use 1210 and 1211, because that would put them in the fourth generation instead of the third. So the tenth child is given 0 and the eleventh 1. Thus, after 128 and 129, we have 120 121, 122 etc And now, on with the story!

No.1 ? McCall with his wife and at least 4 children, arrived in Charleston, S.C. sometime in 1790 from Ireland. Apparently both parents died soon after arrival, as there is no record of them establishing a home. The children were "bound out" to learn trades, scattered, and never all met again.
No. 11 William McCall settled in Salem Township in Clarion Co. PA, and we know nothing more about him or his family.
No. 12 Robert McCall (1777-1856) was born in Ireland and came with his parents when he was 13. He worked in the Carolinas, Maryland and at Belmont Forge on the Susquehana River in Pennsylvania. From there he went to Huntington Co. where his youngest sister Nellie was already living. Next he went to Clarion Co. and lived with the Smiths who lived on what was later the John Harshaw farm near West Monterey. This was in 1801 or 1802. He was employed for a time by Gideon Gibson, one of the earliest settlers. In 1802 he purchased a tract of land on the north bank of the Allegheny in Perry township from Gideon Gibson. This farm is still in the McCall name in 1978. Robert was a cooper by trade, and during the first long winter he cut wood and made barrels. In the spring he floated them down the river to Freeport and sold them to a salt factory. One story says he sold his first winters output of barrels for $11 and then had to walk 75 miles to get back home. In 1803 he was married to Elizabeth Thomas (1785-1819) They had 7 children: John (1811-1896), William (1808-1867), Thomas (1813-1858), Alexander (1818-1889), Eliza, Sarah, and Hetty. He married a second time to Hannah McGarrah. This union was blessed with 9 children: James (1824-1897), Eleanor, Matthew (1828-1897), Jane, Harriet, Robert (1845-1921), Walker, Allen (1838-1908), and Lavina.
No. 13 Nellie McCall married a Mr. Gibson and lived in Butler Co. PA. near Martinsburg.
No. 14 Sarah McCall married John Shaw and located in Huntington Co. PA. Years later their son and a son-in-law named Eakly visited their Uncle Robert in Clarion Co., but afterwards the families did not communicate.
No. 121 William McCall (1808-1867), Son of Robert and Elizabeth, married Polly Stewart (1815-1895) and had 13 children: Eli (1835-1879), William (1840-1923), Silas (1842-1881), Robert (1845-1921), Miles (1848-1907), John, Peter, Esther, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas, and Margaret.
No. 122 John McCall (1811-1896), son of Robert and Elizabeth, married Rachel Coe (1815-1863) on Dec. 5, 1893, and was the father of 12 children: Robert (1835-1876), Benjamin, John (1838-1876), Simeon (1840-1894), Finley (1841-1900), Elizabeth, Harrison (1844-1914), William (1847-1856), Nancy, Hamilton (1852-1853), Olive (1849-1856), and Lyman (1848-1916).
No. 123 Thomas McCall(1813-1858) son of Robert and Elizabeth, married Lavina Gibbs (1800-1890) and they had 10 children: Annie, Oliver (1835-1896), Joshua (1839-1912), Sylvester (1843-1897), Alfred (1848-1924), Robert, Clarke, Malinda, Mary Margaret, and Lizzie. Thomas farmed in Perry township. He had a nice home and his large barn was a community gathering place. He owned several farms when he died.
No. 124 Alexander McCall (1817-1889) son of Robert and Elizabeth, married Peggy Stewart (1817-1899) and was father of 5 children: Elizabeth (1841-1907), William T. (1843-1912), Robert S. (1845-1921), Sarah (1847-1892), and Hulda.
No. 125 Eliza McCall, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth, married William Stewart and had 6 children: David, Alexander, Robert, Amos, William, and Linda (Rosalin).
No. 126 Sarah McCall, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth married Robert Stewart and had 4 children: John, William, Robert and Elizabeth. Two sisters of this family married Stewarts, and two brothers also married Stewart sisters.
No. 127 Hetty McCall, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
No. 128 James McCall (1824-1897), son of Robert and Hannah McGarrah, married Sarah Prichard and had 5 children: Mary B., Elkanah, Estella, Frances, and Cora.
No. 129 Eleanor McCall, daughter of Robert and Hannah, married John McKibben and had 4 children, Isadora, Dave, Tillie and Tersey.
No. 120 Matthew McCall (1828-1897) son of Robert and Hannah, married Elizabeth Barr (1830-1871) and had 8 children: Mealy, Tillie, Hamilton, Brady, Oliver M., Elonza 0., Mary and Dora.
No. 121 Jane McCall, daughter of Robert and Hannah, married William Stewart, and at 81 years of age, wrote much of the early McCall history from memory. Their 10 children were Loney, Olive, Munrow, Rhoda, Orrin, Lucy, Mack, Leslie, Brady, and Chesney.
No. 122 Harriet McCall, daughter of Robert and Hannah, married Samuel Logan and they had 9 children: William, Margaret, Leona, Lizzie, Olive, Robert, Dellie, Cora, Ida, and Lee.
No. 123 Robert McCall, son of Robert and Hannah, married Lizzie Taylor, and they had 10 children: Samuel, Jane, Peter W., Harriet, Ellen, Stewart, Lavina, Maggie, William and Cleveland.
No. 124 Walker - son of Robert and Hannah - no information.
No. 125 Allen McCall (1838-1908) son of Robert and Hannah,married Rebecca Jane Knox and they had 7 children.Ethel Myrtle, Edith Florence, Millie Etta, Addison Wesley, Eliza Lulu, Melvin B. (1887-1944), and Walker Clyde. Allen lived on the farm his father bought in 1802, and his son Melvin then became the owner of the farm.
No. 126 Lavina McCall, daughter of Robert and Hannah married Issac Latshaw.
No. 1211 Eli McCall, (1835-1879), son of William and Polly, married Sarah ? Their children were Clinton (1870-1948), Edward P. (1873-1950), Alonzo (1874-1909), Lillian (1875-1899), Sara, David, Martha, and Margaret.
No. 1212 William McCall (1840-1923) son of William and Polly, married Clarissa (1845-1920). Their children were Della (1870-1891), Theo (1881-1963), and Chalmers (1868 - 1955)
No. 1213 Silas McCall (1842-1881) son of William and Polly.
No. 1214 Robert McCall (1845-1921) son of William and Polly.
No. 1215 Miles McCall (1848-1907) son of William and Polly, married Lucy Grossman (1857-1924) in Toby Township, Clarion Co. PA. Their children were Harry B. (1879), Esther .(1881), Henry Ward Beecher (1883-1966), Benjamin (1885-1965), Jessie (1887), Merty Cloe (1889), Jennie M.(1891), Wayne D. (1893-1905), Ina (1895-1970), Margaret (1896) and George D. (1899-1922).
No. 1216 John McCall son of William and Polly. Parents of John Harvey McCall.
No. 1217 Wilbur P. McCall (1858-1941) son of William and Polly married Julia.
No. 1218 Esther McCall (1961-1946) daughter of William and Polly, married James Peterson at Rimersburg, PA. in 1882. They farmed at Cora, Kan. and later moved to Red Cloud, Nebr. where he operated a blacksmith shop and farm implement business. Their children were Frank, Ann Mary and Wilbur.
No. 1219 Ann McCall daughter of William and Polly. She was born in 1854 and died in 1900. She never married.
No. 1210 Sarah McCall daughter of William and Polly.
No. 1211 Elizabeth McCall daughter of William and Polly.
No. 1212 Thomas McCall son of William and Polly.
No. 1213 Margaret McCall, daughter of William and Polly. Note: The 13 children of William and Polly listed are named in the Stewart Family History, but the McCall family history said they had 9 children and omitted, Thomas, Margaret and Elizabeth.
No. 1221 Robert McCall (1835-1876) son of John and Rachel.
No. 1222 John McCall (1838-1876) son of John and Rachel, was the father of Mina (Lemon) and Anna (Kiefer)
No. 1223 Simeon McCall (1840-1894) son of John and Rachel, father of Burton.
No. 1224 Finley McCall (1841-1900) son of John and Rachel, married Margaret Logan (No. 1222) who was his half-cousin. One daughter, Lena.
No. 1225 Harrison McCall (1844-1914) son of John and Rachel married Delilah Barger (1845-1920). Their children were: Minnie, Laura, Nola, Louise, Maude, Myrtle, Iva, Ed, and Oliver (Tim)
No. 1226 William McCall (1847-1856).
No. 1227 Lyman McCall (1848-1916), son of John and Rachel, married Adda Fair and was the father of Rachel, Belle and Byron.
No. 1228 Olive (1849-1856) daughter of John and Rachel.
No. 1229 Hamilton McCall (1852-1853) son of John andRachel.
No. 1220 Elizabeth McCall, daughter of John and Rachel.
No. 1221 Nancy McCall, daughter of John and Rachel.
No. 1231 Oliver McCall (1835-1896) son of Thomas and Lavina, married Agnes Dunkle (1845-1909) and finally settled in Line Township Webster Co., Nebr. where he farmed the rest of his life. He homesteaded 1060 acres and raised Percheron horses,. Berkshire hogs, and Angus cattle. He served in the Civil War with the 103rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. Oliver and Agnes are both buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near the farm they operated. They had 10 children, Nellie, Nora, Ralph, Mary, Judd (1873-1889), Jessie (1881- ?), Joe (1883- ?), Fred (1884-1897), Hugh, and Rex.
No. 1232 Joshua McCall (1839-1912) son of Thomas and Lavina married Juliann Truby in 1860. They had 9 children: Elmer C. (1861), Florence E. (1863), Horace Benton (1865), Barrett Vance (1868), Thomas Myron(1871), Zenas Roy (1874), Fillmore Meade (1876), Clyde Brooks (1879), and Joshua Gibbs (1884). The family lived in Pennsylvania for a long time and then moved to Oklahoma. Two of their sons, Clyde and Myron went to Morrin, Alberta, Canada in 1908, and about 1910 Joshua and Juliann moved to Florida. In 1912 they moved again to Morrin, Alberta, and Joshua built a new house, but he died soon after. Juliann died a year later in 1913 and both are buried in a little prairie cemetery near Munson, Alberta.
No. 1233 Sylvester McCall (1843-1897) son of Thomas and Lavina, served in the Civil War with Co. A. 103rd Pa.Volunteer Inf. He was captured and imprisoned at Andersonville prison, but survived the war. He married Margaret Daugherty and had 5 children, Maggie, Roy, Alvin, Elvina and Elrnina. He followed Oliver to Nebraska and lived on a farm near Oliver's. He is also buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, but after his death, his family moved to Oklahoma.
No. 1234 Annie McCall daughter of Thomas and Lavina.
No. 1235 Alfred McCall, son of Thomas and Lavina. (1848-1924). He worked as a farmhand and in the oil fields of Pa. when he was young, and went to Iowa for a short time. In November of 1870 he married Armina Dunlap in Pa. She was born in 1851 and died in 1898. Her parents were John and Penina (Zilafro) Dunlap and were neighbors of the McCalls in Pa. They lived a short time in Iowa and finally settled in Walnut Creek Precinct, Webster Co., Nebr., where he became very successful at farming and raising cattle. They had 11 children: Martha, Mildred, Joshua Lawrence, Floyd Clark, Cecil Monti, Lucy Azilee, Malvern Miner, Lee Franklin, Zenas Vincent, Vera Grace, and John Dunlap. In 1901 he married a second time to Mary Murphy (1865-1931) of Clarion Co. Pa. and they had one son Robert E. About 1906 they retired and moved to Red Cloud, Nebr. and both spent the rest of their lives there.
No. 1236 Robert McCall, son of Thomas and Lavina.
No. 1237 Clarke son of Thomas and Lavina served in the Civil War.
No. 1238 Malinda McCall married a Mr. Signs and lived in Tacoma, Washington.
No. 1239 Mary Margaret McCall married a Mr. Scynder.
No. 1230 Lizzie McCall married a Mr. Boice and lived in Iowa..
No. 1241 Elizabeth (Betsy) McCall, daughter of Alexander and Peggy.
No. 1242 William T. (1843-1912) son of Alexander and Peggy. married Sabina Males (1842-1908). Their children were Fred (1882-1952). Frank, Iva and Lulu.
No. 1243 Robert S. McCall (1845-1921) son of Alexander and Peggy, married Amanda Stevens (1852-1940). Their children were Alexander (1872-1882), Effa .(1875-1882), Ollie (1870-?), Harry (1883-1969), Maude (1880-1908), and Minnie (1886-1966).
No. 1244 Sarah McCall (1847-1892) daughter of Alexander and Peggy, married James Graham.
No. 1245 Hulda McCall, daughter of Alexander and Peggy married Peter Peters and later was married to Martha Banks.
No. 1251 (1867-1919) David Stewart, son of William and Eliza.
No. 1252 Alexander Stewart, son of William and Eliza.
No. 1253 Robert Stewart, son of William and Eliza.
No. 1254 Amos Stewart, son of William and Eliza.
No. 1255 William Stewart, son of William and Eliza.
No. 1256 Linda (Rosalin) Stewart daughter of William and Eliza.
No. 1261 John Stewart, son of Robert and Sarah.
No. 1262 William. Stewart, son of Robert and Sarah.
No. 1263 Robert Stewart, son of Robert and Sarah.
No. 1264 Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Robert and Sarah.
No. 1281 Mary B. McCall, daughter of James and Sarah (Prichard).
No. 1282 Elkanah McCall, (1853-1908) son of James and Sarah, married Laura Martin (1861-1948). Their children were Cora, (1881-1951), John C. (1898-1966), Raymond, Joe, Carl, Don, and Madge.
No. 1283 Estella, daughter of James and Sarah.
No. 1284 Frances, daughter of James and Sarah.
No. 1285 Cora, daughter of James and Sarah.
No. 1291 Isadora McKibben, daughter of Eleanor McCall and John McKibben married ? Keefer.
No. 1292 Dave McKibben
No. 1293 Tillie McKibben
No. 1294 Tersey McKibben
No. 1201 Mealy McCall, son of Matthew and Elizabeth.
No. 1202 Tillie McCall
No. 1203 Hamilton
No. 1204 Brady
No. 1205 O.M. (Oliver) McCall.
No. 1206 Elonzo 0.
No. 1207 Mary
No. 1208 Dora
No. 1211 Loney Stewart, son of Jane McCall and William Stewart
No. 1212 Olive Stewart daughter of Jane and William
No. 1213 Munroe Stewart
No. 1214 Rhoda Stewart
No. 1215 Orrin Stewart
No. 1216 Lucy Stewart
No. 1217 Mack Stewart
No. 1218 Leslie Stewart
No. 1219 Brady, son of Jane and William Stewart
No. 1210 Chesney Stewart
No. 1221 William Logan, son of Harriet and Samuel Logan, died at age 21.
No. 1222 Margaret Logan married Finly McCall. One daughter Lena (Bartoe)
No. 1223 Lizzie Logan married Will Shumaker
No. 1224 Olive Logan married John Snyder. They had 5 children: Birdie, Floy, Roy, Joe, and Mary.
No. 1225 Robert Logan married Emma Slaugenhaupt
No. 1226 Dellie Logan, died quite young
No. 1227 Cora Logan married John Cooper and had 3 children: Ralph, Alma and Esma.
No. 1228 Ida Logan married Sam Snyder. Their children: Ortha and Byron.
No. 1229 Lee Logan married Adda Reese. Their children: Sam, Glenn, and Jim.
No. 1231 Samuel McCall, son of Robert and Lizzie.
No. 1232 Jane McCall, daughter of Robert and Lizzie.
No. 1233 Peter W. McCall
No. 1234 Harriet McCall.
No. 1235 Ellen McCall
No. 1236 Stewart McCall
No. 1237 Lavina McCall
No. 1239 William McCall
No. 1230 Cleveland McCall
No. 1251 Ethel Myrtle McCall daughter of Allen and Rebecca Jane.
No. 1252 Edith Florence McCall
No. 1253 Millie Etta McCall
No. 1254 Addison Wesley McCall
No. 1255 Eliza Lulu McCall
No. 1256 Walker Clyde McCall (1881-1930) married Bessie E. (1884-1948). They had one son, Raymond C.
No. 1257 Melvin B. McCall (1887-1944) married Ethel (1892-? ). Their children are Milton, Allen, Claude, and Mary. The three latter all died young. Ethel still is living on the original McCall farm bought in 1802 by Robert McCall.
No. 12111 Clinton McCall (1870-1948) son of Eli and Sarah, married Anna May (1870-1945) and had 4 children: Sarah P., David, Anna May, and Martha L.
No. 12112 Edward P. McCall (1873-1950) married Lilliam M. (1875-1897). Their children were Alonzo (1894) Pearl (1884-1915) and Margaret.
No. 12113 Alonzo McCall (1874-1909)
No. 12114 Lilliam McCall (1875-1899)
No. 12115 Sarah McCall (1893 - )
No. 12116 David McCall (1896 - )
No. 12117 Martha(1901 - )
No. 12118 Margaret (1914 - )
No. 12121 Chalmers McCall son of William and Clarissa, born (1868, died 1955). He married Katherine Shoup (1870-1955) and their children were: Adam Guy (1894), Lena A. (1896), William Ross (1906), Craig, Carl, Esther, Ella, Conner, and Donald.
No. 12122 Della McCall (1870-1891) daughter of William and Clarissa
No. 12123 Theo McCall (1881-1963) married Ethel Bashline (1893-1972).
No. 12151 Henry Ward Beecher McCall (1883-1966) son of Miles and Lucinda (Grossman). Married Pearl Summerville and had three daughters., Martha, Florence, and Margaret.
No. 12152 William D. (1893-1905) son of Miles and Lucinda, was kicked by a horse and died of the injury
No. 12153 George D. (1899-1922) homesteaded in Canada and married a French woman there. He died of black diptheria
No. 12154 Harry B. (1879-1936) married Elizabeth Chestnut. Their children were Vivian, Kenneth, Ward, and Eugene
No. 12155 Benjamin McCall (1885-1965) married Wilda Keller (1888-1955). Their children: Thomas, James, Clarence, Miles, Woodrow, Wilbur, Elizabeth, Mildred, Elsie, Milton and Oscar.
No. 12156 Esther M. McCall (1881 - )
No. 12157 Jessie McCall (1887-1960) married Eli Clark and had 3 children.
No. 12158 Merty Cloe McCall (1889 - ) married Arthur McKee. Their children were: George, Craig, and Doris
No. 12159 Jennie M. (1891-1956) married Wallace Sharp. One daughter Anna.
No. 12150 Ina McCall (1895-19 70) married George Scott. they had 4 children: Vin, Ruth, Mary, and June.
No. 12151 Margaret McCall (1896 - ) married Angus Barnhart and had 3 children, Kevin, Melanie, and Brian.
No. 12161 John Harvey McCall (1850-1937) son of John McCall. Married Pearl Weeter (1872-1953). Their children: Ansley, Estella, Victory, William Robert, Leslie, Olive, and Martha H. (Henry).
No. 12181 Frank Peterson (1884-1962) son of Esther McCall and James Peterson. He was born in Cora township, Smith Co. Kan. He married Edna Crone and they had 4 sons, one stillborn, Charles, Alden, and Raymond. Frank was a plumber and mechanic in Red Cloud, Nebr. for most of his life. He died and is buried in Denver, Col.
No. 12182 Ann Mary Peterson (1885-1973) was also born in Smith Co. Kan. She worked with her father in the implement business in Red Cloud, Nebr. for many years, and was Mayor of Red Cloud for several years. She later married Fred Arnold of Inavale, Nebr. and they lived on his farm there. They had no children. She is buried in Red Cloud
No. 12183 Wilbur Peterson (1887-1972) also born in Smith Co. Kan. He married Adeline Baylor (1890-1960). They lived on a farm south of Inavale, Nebr. Their children were: James, Esther, Irma, Wilbur Dwight, William Franklin, Harold Fredrick, Byron Eugene, and Arden Neal. Wilbur and Adeline are buried in Red Cloud.
No. 12221 Mina McCall, daughter of John and Anna, married Mr. Lemon and lived in Fullerton, Calif. Had one son, John Francis Lemon.
No. 12222 Anna McCall, daughter of John and Anna married Mr. Kieffer.
No. 12231 Burton McCall, son of Simeon. Born 1870 and died in 1950. He married Birdie (1902-1975) and had 4 children: Burton, John, Raymond and Florence.
No. 12241 Lena McCall, daughter of Finley and Margaret, married George Bartoe. Their children: Finley, Margaret, Helen and Percey.
No. 12251 Ed McCall, son of Harrison and Delilah, married Hattie Mcllwain. Their children were: Harry, Howard and Birdie.
No. 12252 Oliver (1872-1946) son of Harrison and Delilah, married Iva Logue (1874-1955). Their children: Velma, Esther, Ella, and Glenn.
No. 12253 Minnie McCall married Horace Jordan. Their children: Hazel, Bessie, Dorothy, Rachael, Bob, Don, Leland, Calvin, and Harry.
No. 12254 Louise, married Robert Rutherford and had 2 children: Pauline and Robert.
No. 12255 Nola married John Staysa.
No. 12256 Maude married Harry Rankin and had a son Rex.
No. 12257 Myrtle married Harry Myers and had a son Kenneth.
No. 12258 Iva married William Murry and had two sons, Russel and?
No. 12259 Laura married George Stewart and had Dean, Marie, and Glenn.
No. 12271 Rachel McCall daughter of Lyman and Adda, married Ormand Dean and had one son Jack.
No. 12272 Byron McCall (1897 - ?) son of Lyman and Adda, married Mary Heeter. Their children: Betty, Theda, Norma, Richard, Dean, Gerold, Joseph, Judith, They lived in Clarion Co. PA.
No. 12273 Belle, daughter of Lyman and Adda, married R.H. Best and lived in Fullerton, Calif. They have a son John A. Best.
No. 12311 Nellie McCall lived in Omaha, Nebr. and taught school.
No. 12312 Nora McCall never married. She attended Fremont, Nebr. College and taught school. She died in Riverside, Calif. about 1940
No. 12313 Ralph McCall married Rose Topham but had no children. He farmed 160 acres which he inherited from his father near the Republican River in Webster Co., Nebr. One year he lost 36 head of cattle from corn stalk poisoning and sold the hides for 50 cents each. Some time later he moved to Bartlesville, Okla. His second marriage was to a blind woman there.
No. 12314 Mary graduated from Fremont College as a stenographer.
No. 12315 Hugh farmed in Nebr. and then moved to Bartlesvile, Okla. where he died.
No. 12316 Jessie (1881-1954) married Thomas E. Topham of Red Cloud, and had 7 children: Robert, Wallace, Florence, Jim E., Betty, Thomas Jr., and Dorothy. They farmed near Red Cloud and in 1909 moved to Calif. He was an orange grower in Riverside, and had a profitable business in trucking and fertilizer. Both are buried in Riverside.
No. 12317 Joe (1883 - ) married Rose Marshall in Montana. They had two sons, Norris and Jack 0. He farmed and fed cattle in Nebr. and lived in Idaho for a time. He worked for many years as a meat cutter in Redlands, Calif. where Rose died. At this time he is living in Midlands Texas near his son Jack and is 95 years old.
No. 12318 Lester Judd (1874-1889)
No. 12319 Fred (1884-1906) Both Fred and Lester Judd died of some crippling disease, perhaps muscular dystrophy.
No. 12310 Rex married Frances Ward. He farmed for a while near Red Cloud and they had two daughters, Louise and Winnifred. Rex deserted his family when the girls were little and disappeared, never to return. It is believed that he lived and died in Southern Calif. His wife lived in Lincoln and supported the two girls.
No. 12321 Elmer C. McCall (1861 - )
No. 12322 Florence E. McCall (1863 - )
No. 12323 Horace Benton (1865 - ) became a Doctor of Medicine and practiced in Kansas City, Mo.
No. 12324 Barrett Vance (1868 -) Married Zella Rimer. Farmed for some time near Inavale, Nebr. An infant son, Alfred is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near there. He lived in Perkins, Okla. for many years and died at Guthrie, Okla.
No. 12325 Thomas Myron (1871-) went to Oklahoma where he farmed with his father Joshua. He and his brother Clyde and Clyde's family left for Canada in 1908. They settled near Morrin, Alberta. They broke the sod to farm and lived the rugged life of the pioneers. In 1912 their father and another brother Gibbs, came to Morrin. Brothers Roy and Meade were also farming there. Joshua died in 1912 and his wife a year later and both are buried near Munson, Alberta. Later Myron, Gibbs and Roy all sold out and moved further south.
No. 12326 Zenas Roy married Josephine Rumbaugh, and a daughter, Mrs. Anna McCall Haslim lives in San Diego, Calif. His second wife was Nettie Greer Rimer of Rimersburg, PA. He also farmed in Okla. and Canada. No. 12327 Filmore Meade married Mary Maphis of Kansas City, Mo. He was born in 1876. He went to Canada for a while with his brothers and filed on a homestead but never proved it. Their children were: Horace, Ralph, Joseph, and Alfred.
No. 12327 Filmore Meade married Mary Maphis of Kansas City, Mo. He was born in 1876. He went to Canada for a while with his brothers and filed on a homestead but never proved it. Their children were: Horace, Ralph, Joseph, and Alfred.
No. 12328 Clyde Brooks McCall (1879- ) born in Toby Township Clarion Co. PA. which was the family home. He married Martha Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Henry C. and Elizabeth (Whitmer) Smith in 1906. They had 4 children, Elizabeth (1906), Edla Pearl (1908), George H. (1912), and Elmer C. (1914). In 1907 he rented a farm near Perkins., Oklahoma, and bought a farm there in 1908, but left it the same year to go to Canada. They were pioneers at Morrin, Alberta and in 1920 they moved to Rumsey, Alberta. She died in 1933 and Clyde in 1959 at Calgary. Both are buried in the Rumsey cemetery.
No. 12329 Joshua Gibbs (1884 - ) married Nannie Cloud of Inavale, Nebr. They had two daughters, Gwendolyn and Jennie. Gwendolyn was raised by a family named Deary at Franklin, Nebr.
No. 12331 Maggie McCall, daughter of Sylvester and Margaret Daugherty.
No. 12332 Roy married Hannah Siewert. Roy was born in 1870 in Waukie, Iowa and moved to Webster Co, Nebr. with his parents in 1878. He farmed near Helena, Okla. and then lived for a short time in Glendale, Ariz. He returned to Okla. and lived near Perry and also at Lahoma and Enid, Okla.
No. 12333 Alvin went to Okla. Territory with his mother. He married Gertrude Medaris who was a 3rd year medical student in Kansas City. They farmed near Helena, Okla. raising wheat and cattle. He also bought and sold cattle and did custom threshing. He went to Cripple Creek, Col, for a short time. They are buried in Good Hope Cemetery at Helena. Their children are: Helen (Bachman), Harold, and Dortha (Addleman).
No. 12334 El Vina went to Okla. with her mother
No. 12335 Elmina married Mr. Keagle in Red Cloud and they also went to Okla.
No. 12351 Martha McCall daughter of Alfred and Armina was born Sept.21, 1872 in Mercer, Pa. and died Jan. 30, 1957. She married James P. Rhea (1873-1957) and they spent their life together on a farm near Arlington, Nebr. Both are buried at Arlington. Their children were: Martha Vivian, Roscoe Alfred, Don Lawrence, Irene, William Howard, James Philip, Hugh McCall, and Joseph Cecil.
No. 12352 Mildred (1874-1969) was born at Rimbersburg, PA. and came to Inavale, Nebr. with her parents when she was a small child. She spent her entire life there. She married a neighbor, William H. Norris and they had 4 children. The first born died in infancy. Then came Katherine, and the twins,William and Willa. She managed the farm for 37 years after the death of her husband. Both are buried in the cemetery at Red Cloud, Nebr.
No. 12353 Joshua Lawrence (1876-1964) was born in Iowa. He married Maude B. Stewart on June 11, 1905. He farmed and fed cattle all of his life near Inavale, Nebr. They had 8 children: Harold Malvern, Lawrence Ernest, James Howard, Frank Miner, Charles, Ruth Marie, Louise Lucille, and Adrian William.
No. 12354 Floyd Clark (1872-1930) was born near Inavale, Nebr. and lived in that area all of his life. He was a farmer and cattle feeder. He married Emily Topham and they had 6 children: Helen, Josephine, Donald, Hobert, Edna, and Bernice.
No. 12355 Cecil Monti (1881-1952) was also born near Inavale and farmed and fed cattle there all of his life. He married Mabel E. Bradshaw June 6, 1906 at Red Cloud. They raised 5 children: Alfred Charles, Malvern Carl, Pauline Frances, Allan Lee and Richard Clair.
No. 12356 Lucy Azilee was born near Inavale March 24, 1883. She attended Fremont College. She married Herbert A. Fair and they lived in Pomona Calif. for many years where he was a building contractor. Her later years were spent in Garden Grove, Calif. with her daughter Hazel (Mower) who was their only child.
No. 12357 Malvern Miner (1885-1930) was a farmer and cattle feeder near Inavale. He suffered from epilepsy from his early 20's and never married.
No. 12358 Lee Franklin (1887-1887) died in infancy.
No. 12359 Zenas Vincent (1889-1972) married Ida Quisenberry of Wood River, Nebr., and they had twin daughters, Armina and Mildred. He served in the army in World War I and farmed near Inavale, Nebr. and finally settled in Joplin, Mo. where he died.
No. 12350 Vera Grace (1891-1970) attended college at Valparaiso, Ind. and taught school. She married Ralph Cleland, a mining engineer, and they lived for a time in the Isle of Pines, south of Cuba. Later they lived in Leesburg, Florida where she is buried. Their two sons are Max and Ralph Jr.
No. 12351 John Dunlap (1894-1968) never married. He lived near Inavale and Red Cloud, sometimes doing farm work.
No. 12352 Robert (1907-1945) He was the only child of Alfred and his second wife, Mary Murphy. He operated a trucking business at Red Cloud and did not marry.

No. 12421 Fred Males (1882-1952) son of William T. and Sabina McCall, married Jean Belle Snyder (1887-1962). Their children: Alfred, Alexander Robert, Elsetta(Taylor) (1914) , Mary Catherine (Conwer), Opal (Roark) (1923), and Josephine Enda (Terwilliger) (1927).
No. 12422 Frank McCall (1868-1937) married Ann Somerville (1870-1952). Their children were: Hazel (Randolph) (Slater), Grace (Stewart), Paul Victor (1897), OrLand and June (Burns).
No. 12423 Iva McCall (1877-1968) married Tomas Delbert Stewart (1873-1960). Their children: Gladys Lucille (Barlett) (1898), Charles Frederick (1904), Freda Grace (Geist) (1902), Harry Roy (1906), William Thomas (1912), and Christena Bernadine (Datt) ( 1918).
No. 12424 Lulu McCall
No. 12431 Ollie Margaret McCall (1879-1965) married Samuel Jay Heeter. Their children: Minnie Bell (Lerch)(1897), Nettie Grace (Best) (1900-1956), Almeda Esther (Best) (1903-1951), Leonard Robert 1905-1965). Margaret Ollie (Holliday) (1907), Eleanor Mae (Elder) (1908), and Mabel Marie (Wile) (1910)
No. 12432 Alexander (1872-1882)
No. 12433 Effa L. (1875-1882)
No. 12434 Maude (1880-1908) married Michael Reichart (1876-1942)
No. 12435 Harry (1883-1969) married Lydia Thompson(1883-1957). Their children are: Brainerd, Raymond, Ellen, and Melda.
No. 12436 Minnie (1883-1966) married Joe Thompson and had two sons, Robert (1907-1967) and Clair (1911 - )
No. 12821 Cora (1881-1951) never married.
No. 12822 John C. (1889-1966) married Lelia Fowler. Their children were: Eleanor, Helen, Dorothy, Lawson, James, Charles and Mary.
No. 12823 Raymond, married Lottie Marshall, no children.
No. 12824 Joe, married Alta Craig. Their children: Laura, Craig, Louise, and 0. Dorsey.
No. 12825 Carl, married Margaret ? one daughter.
No. 12826 Don married Midge ? one daughter
No. 12827 Madge, married Forrest Risher. Their children: Buss M., Frances M., Robert M., and Dorothy.

No. 12571 Milton McCall son of Melvin and Ethel. Had two adopted children, Michael and Tammy. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio and Milton died of cancer in 1978.
No. 121111 Sarah P. McCall (1893) daughter of Clinton and Anna
No. 121112 David son of Clinton and Anna Mae
No. 121113 Anna Mae, daughter of Clinton and Anna Mae
No. 121114 Martha L. These four children all died as infants.
No. 121121 Pearl McCall (1884-1915) daughter of Edward P. and Lillian
No. 121122 Alonzo (1894 - )
No. 121123 Margaret ( - 1915)
No. 121211 Lena A. McCall, daughter of Chalmers and Kathryn married Elmer C. Summerville, no children.
No. 121212 William Ross McCall, married Mae Craig. 6 children
No. 121213 Craig McCall married Norma McKee. Two sons,Kevin and David.
No. 121214 Carl McCall married Carolyn Dunlap. Their children:Kenneth, Keith and Kerry. He married a second time to Vivian Homer and they had Kevin, Karl, and Kirby.
No. 121215 Adam Guy McCall (1894- ) married Hazel Bashline in 1914. Their children: Mary Veda (Cunningham), Guyla Esther (Magness), Helen Ivalyn (Schrengost), and Ralph McClellan.
No. 121216 Ella
No. 121217 Conner ( - 1959) married Eugene Henry. Their children: Robin and Craig.
No. 121218 Donald married Dorothy Ann Crawford-two children, William Scott and Cindy Lou.
No. 121219 Esther
No. 121511 Martha (1914 - ) daughter of J. W. Beecher McCall and Pearl married Merle Males. One daughter Janet.
No. 121512 Florence (1918 - ) married Chester B. Stewart Two boys and one girl, Mark, William and Penney.
No. 121513 Margaret (1920 - ) married Angus Barnhart. Their children: Kevin, Melanie, and Bryan.
No. 121514 Vivian married Ed Weeter, 2 children
No. 121542 Kenneth married Mid Bashline
No. 121543 Ward married Helen Carberry
No. 121544 Eugene married Virginia Smith, 5 children
No. 121551 Thomas M. (1907- ) son of Benjamin and Wilda. Married Mildred Best, daughter of Miles and Mary Best. They live at Emlenton, PA. Their children: Helen (Hale), Thomas Edward and Gerald E.
No. 121552 James Clarence McCall (1908- ) married Dorothy Stewart daughter of Calvin R. and Sarah. Lives at Bradford, PA. Two children, Treva Jane, and Dora Mae.
No. 121553 Miles McCall (1910- ) son of Benjamin and Wilda.
No. 121554 Woodrow W. (1912 - ) married Margaret Cross in1942. They had one child, Roger Dale. They were divorced and he married Judy Kay Leatherman in 1971. No children from this marriage.
No. 121555 Elizabeth L. (1915- ) married Clarence W. Shearer. They live at Cooperstown, PA. and have two children, David M. (1947) and Cindy L. (1953).
No. 121556 Wilbur Wayne (1917-1918)
No. 121557 Millie A. (1919- ) married Oscar Stevens and live at Parker, Pa. Children are Delores Ann (1944), Max Lee (1945), Shirley Maxine (1950), Gloria Kay (1955), and Caryl Layne (1961).
No. 121558 Elsie L. (1921- ) married in 1971 to Curt G. Carlson and lives at Lake Worth, Florida.
No. 121559 Milton L. (1923 - ) married in 1958 to Sharon Lee Smith. Their children are: Michele Ann (1961) and Janice Reull (1963)
No. 121550 Oscar Ralph (1926 - ) married Maxine Grace Ritchey in 1952. They live in Enilenton, PA. Their children: Donald Ivan (1955), Stanley Lewis (1957) Diane Elizabeth (1958), and Larry Thomas (1960)
No. 121551 Mildred Mae (1928 - ) married Richard E. Phillips in 1960. They live at Sharon, PA. have two children Richard M. Phillips (1954) and Susan Elaine (1958).
No. 121581 George McKee son of Merty Cloe and Arthur McKee.
No. 121582 Craig McKee
No. 121583 Doris McKee
No. 121592 Anna Sharp, daughter of Jennie M. and Wallace Sharp
No. 121501 Vin Scott, son of Ina and George Scott
No. 121502 Ruth Scott
No. 121503 Mary Scott
No. 121504 Jane Scott
No. 121511 Kevin Barnhart, son of Margaret and Angus Barnhart
No. 121512 Melanie Barnhart
No. 121513 Brian Barnhart
No. 121611 Ansley Lee McCall (1901-1972) son of John Harvey McCall. Married Emma Sherman and later married Esther Hine. One child, Geraldine (Dunkle)
No. 121612 Estella Mae McCall (1903 - ) married Edwin D.Stewart (1898) and had 3 children Dorothy Mae (Croll), Ruby Irene (McWhorter) (1926-1975) and Olive (Kriebel) (1928).
No. 121613 Victor (1904 - ) married Lettie Belle Bashline (1904). Their children John Harvey (1924) Evelyn Rose (Wishart) (1927), Janet Arlene (Pohl) (1929) and Carol Jean (Black) (1947).
No. 121614 William Robert (1906-) married Myrna Alice Bashline (1906). Their children: Willivene Helen(Downs )(Futcher)., William Earl, (1937-1954) and Roberta Myrna (Yeany) (1931).
No. 121615 Leslie Albert (1908-1956) married Mae Alicia Yates (1909- ). Their children: Leslie Charles (1929-1930), Jackie Loy (1950-1960), Clinton Edward (1931), Hillis Argyle (Swartfager) (1929), and Donald Ray (1935).
No. 121616 Olive Esther (1911-1973) married Joseph Frank Barger (1908). They had 2 children, Vernon Duane Barger (1939) and Josephine Faye (Shirey)) (1941).
No. 121617 Martha Hazel McCall (1913- ) married James Thompson Henry (1912- ) in 1931. Their children are Martha Charylene (1932) Anna Marie (1934) James Cornell (1939), and Victor Robert (1942-1943). They live at New Bethlehem, PA.
No. 121811 Charles Frank Peterson (1912-1975) son of Frank and Edna. He was born in Red Cloud, Nebr. and married Annabel Mary Loos at Lincoln, Nebr. in 1936. He worked in the radio-electronics field and travelled to several foreign countries in his work. He died in Madrid Spain and is buried in Lincoln, Nebr. They had one son Robert Frank (1948).
No. 121812 Alden Peterson (1913 - ) was born in Red Cloud and married Mildred Jessie Reed in 1933 at Smith Center Kan. they Live in McCook, Nebr., and he worked for the railroad for many years. Their children: Linda Kay (McKay), (1940), and Cheryl Lynn (Drosking) (1945).
No. 121813 Harold Raymond Peterson (1918 - ) was born at Red Cloud and married Mary Jean Guy of Red Cloud in 1941. He was married a second time to Roberta Ruth Nichols in 1948. Their children are: Arnold Scott (1954), Jill Diane (1956), and Ty Richard (1958). Raymond is an ophthalmologist and practices in Denver, Colo.
No. 121821 James Peterson (1911-1976) was a son of Wilbur Peterson and Adeline (Baylor). He was born at Red Cloud, and died in Smith Co. Kan. His health was bad all of his life, and he did not marry.
No. 121822 Esther Peterson (1912- ) was married in 1936 to Fred Wayne Franklin at Coggon, Iowa. They had one child, Pamela Kay (1946). Esther married again in 1966 to Lawrence J. Knight in Minneapolis, Minn.
No. 121823 Irma Peterson (1914-1914).
No. 121824 Wilber Dwight (1920 - ) married Doris Imogene Kugler in 1941 at Phillipsburg, Kan. Their children are: Dwight Allen (1941). Donald Eugene (1943), and Dennis Duane (1948). They farm in Kansas near Lebanon.
No. 121825 William Franklin Peterson (1923 - ) married Mildred H. Kent (1923) of Red Cloud in 1943. Their children are: Hazel Mildred (1944) and Beverley Jane (1946).
No. 121826 Harold Frederick (1925- ) married Norma June Williams (1926) in 1945, at Smith Center, Kan. Their children are: Ricky Marland (1954), Ramona Adeline (1957), and Ronald Keith (1958).
No. 121827 Byron Eugene (1930 - ) married in 1951 at Lincoln, Nebr. to Florence Francene Bryant (1930). Their children are: Byron Eugene Jr. (1952), Paula Francene (1955) Janet Louise (1956), and Andrea Sue (1960).
No. 121828 Arden Neal (1932 - ) married Ellen Mae Drake (1933-1968) in Red Cloud. They had two children: Sherri Lynne (1956) and Sue Ellen (1959). After Ellen's death he married Gretchen Kay (Pohlmeier) Hoarty and he adopted her two children, Raymond Hoarty Peterson, and Margaret Ann Hoarty Peterson (1967). Then Neal and Gretchen had 3 children: Bryan Stacy (1969), Stephanie Kay (1971) and Shauna Marie (1973).
No. 122211 John Francis Lemon ( - 1973) son of Mina McCall and Jersey Lemon lived in Fullerton, Calif. and is buried in Port Allegheney PA.
No. 122311 Burton S. McCall (1902-1975). He lived in Clarion Co., PA.
No. 122312 Florence H. McCall (1905- ) married Norwood W. Kerr in 1939.
No. 122313 Raymond W. (1906) married Ella M. Henderson in 1927. Their children are: Raymond G. (1928), Mary Jane (Ogburn) (1936), and John Lee (1951).
No. 122314 John S. (1908- ) married Clara Robinson in 1941. Their children are Nancy (1943), Ann (Donovan) (1941) and Elizabeth (Schembri) (1949).
No. 122411 Finley Bartoe, son of Lena McCall and George Bartoe.
No. 122412 Margaret Bartoe
No. 122413 Helen Bartoe
No. 122414 Percey Bartoe
No. 122511 Harry McCall, son of Ed and Hattie
No. 122512 Howard McCall
No. 122513 Birdie McCall
No. 122521 Velma McCall, daughter of Oliver and Iva.
No. 122522 Esther McCall
No. 122523 Ella McCall.
No. 122524 Glenna McCall.
No. 122711 Jack Dean, son of Rachel McCall and Orman Dean. Has three children, Robert, Thomas and Laurie.
No. 122721 Betty McCall, daughter of Byron and Mary. Married Leo Dietz and had 3 children, Darlene, Gregg, and Dena.
No. 122722 Theda married Carl McMahon, one child, Patti.
No. 122723 Norma married Paul Kriebel, no children.
No. 122724 Richard married Betty Smith. They have four children, Beverly, Bradley, Barbara and Debbie.
No. 122725 Dean married Virginia Reynolds. Their children are Christina, Karen, Terry, Johnie, Mary, and Beth.
No. 122726 Gerald married Joan Bryson. Their children are: David, Melinda, Jeffrey, Scottie, Kelly and Daren.
No. 122727 Joseph married Reda Stewart and have Todd, Carla, and Coleen.
No. 122728 Judith married Ronald Batz and have Paula, Rhonda, and Leah.
No. 122731 John A. Best, son of Belle McCall and John A. Best, lives in Fullerton, Calif.
No. 123161 Robert Topham (1903- ) son of Thomas E. and Jessie McCall Topham. Born in Guide Rock, NE. went to Calif. with his parents in 1919. Married Kathleen Esther Reese in 1926. They have three children: Roberta (1927), Earl J. (1933) and Judith A. (1938). Has been an orange grower and also been in the trucking and fertilizer business in Riverside, Calif.
No. 123162 Wallace W. (1904) was born at Red Cloud, NE. but went to Calif. in 1919. Married Eileen (?) but divorced with no children. Later married Thelma Hansen and they have no children. Was in the Navy during World War II. Was in business with his father and brothers in Riverside, Calif. but retired early and lives in Chula Vista, CA.
No. 123163 Florence Eleanor married George Greenwald and they had one child, Barbara (1930). Florence died quite young.
No. 123164 Jim Edward (1911 - ) was born at Red Cloud, NE. and married Ruth McCall. They have one son, Larry Jim. He also was a partner in the family business in Riverside, Calif. and still lives there. After Ruth's death, he married Dorothy.
No. 123165 Betty (1913-1973) married Porter Glenn and they had 3 children, Joanne (1937), Jeff and David. They lived all of their married life in Riverside, Calif.
No. 123166 Thomas E. Jr. (1918- ) born at Red Cloud, NE. but has always lived in Calif. Married Helen E. Burkett (1918) and had 4 children: Patricia Anna (Tolford) (1939), Thomas E. III (1941), Barton H. (1949) and Kristina Helen (1956) He graduated from Cal Poly University and engaged in the airconditioning business. They live at Riverside.
No. 123167 Dorothy married Edward Schwartz. They lived in Riverside and had 4 children: Ricky, Terry, Wallace, and Debra.
No. 123171 Norris McCall, son of Joe and Rose. Married Dorothy (?) who had twin daughters from a previous marriage. They had no other children. They lived in Idaho.
No. 123172 Jack 0. married Mary Jane Harper. He grew up in Redlands, Calif. but went to Midland, Texas, where he is still in the oil business. They have two children Jack 0. Jr. and Mary Linda (Williams).
No. 123101 Louise McCall daughter of Rex and Francis.
No. 123102 Winnifred McCall daughter of Rex and Francis. Both lived in Lincoln, NE.
No. 123261 Anna McCall daughter of Zenas Roy and Josephine, married a Mr. Haslim and lives in San Diego, Calif.
No. 123271 Horace McCall, son of Fillmore Meade and Mary Maphis.
No. 123272 Ralph McCall
No. 123273 Joseph McCall
No. 123274 Alfred McCall
No. 123281 Mable Elizabeth McCall (1906) daughter of Clyde Brooks McCall and Martha Elizabeth. She was born in Oklahoma but went to Alberta, Canada with her parents in 1908.
No. 123282 Edna Pearl (1908)
No. 123283 George H. (1912)
No. 123284 Elmer C. (1914) All of these 4 lived in Canada.
No. 123291 Gwendolyn McCall Deary, daughter of Joshua Gibbs and Nannie Cloud McCall. She was adopted by a family named Deary at Franklin, NE.
No. 123292 Jennie sister of Gwendolyn
No. 123331 Helene Altrude McCall (1903 - ) daughter of Alvin and Gertrude, married Lloyd Merble Bachman (1903 - ) They farmed near Blackwell, Okla. Had three children, Edwin Allen (1925), Bebe Jean (Montgomery) (1926), and Helene Merlene (Webster) (1928) . Mrs. Bachman still lives in Blackwell and is noted for her china painting.
No. 123332 Harold E. McCall, son of Alvin and Gertrude, was born in Oklahoma Territory Feb. 28, 1906. He married Laura Thompson (1906). He went to a business school in Wichita. He bought and sold cattle for a time with a brother-in-law and then entered the oil business. He is now retired and lives in Tulsa. They had no children.
No. 123333 Dortha Ada Addleman (1908) was born at Helena, Okla. She married Joe Addleman and they are retired in Sun City, AZ. They had no children.
No. 123511 Martha Vivian Rhea (1895 - ) daughter of James P. and Martha L. Rhea. She was born at Arlington, Ne. and now lives in Omaha where she worked for many years. Never married.
No. 123512 Roscoe Alfred Rhea (1897-1971) married Ethel Metzinger in 1921. Their children: Dorothy (Burell), James and Gerald (twins), and Charles Howard. They lived in Canby, Minnesota.
No. 123513 Don Lawrence Rhea (1900-1970) married Pearl Rhoades in 1924. Their children: Donna Dean(Pheiffer) and Virginia Lou. He later married Viola Ecikhoff.
No. 123514 Irene Rhea Larsen (1903- ) married Fred Larsen in 1932. They had 3 children, Mardelle (Marr) (1934), Marcella (Schmeling) (1935), and Rhea Edward (1945). She lives in Omaha with her sister Vivain.
No. 123515 James Philip Rhea (1905-1906)
No. 123516 William Howard (1907- ) married Lola Redding in 1940. They have always lived on the family farm near Arlington, NE. Their children: William H. Jr. (1942), Ruth Ann (Bluma) (1946), and Martha Helen (1953).
No. 123517 Hugh McCall Rhea (1909-1973) married Marguerite Danielson in 1937. They had 4 children: Paula (Ellis)( - 1977) Rita (Cowan) (1945), Hugh D. (1946) and Boyd (1948). Hugh was an All American football player at Nebr. U. and then played pro football for a few years. He farmed at Arlington, ran an implement business at Valley, NE and finally moved to Florida where he farmed.
No. 123518 Joseph Cecil Rhea (1913 - ) married Margaret Pheiffer in 1939 and they had no children. He has been in the motel business and lives in Ft. Morgan, Col.
No. 123522 Katherine Norris (1906 - ) daughter of William H. and Mildred McCall Norris. She attended Univ. of Lincoln, and taught school for a few years. She married Frederick Buffett, a grocer in Omaha, Nebr. They are members of the Presbyterian Church. Two children: William Norris (1933) and Frederick Clarence (1937). They still live in Omaha.
No. 123523 Willa Norris (1911 - ) never married. She taught school for many years, finally at Michigan State University. She is the author of several books. She is retired in Lansing, Michigan.
No. 123525 William Charles Norris (1911 - ) twin brother of Willa. He married Betty Jane Malley (1917) in 1944. He is a graduate of University of Nebr. and founder and President of Control Data Corp. Their children: William C. Jr. (1945), George M (1946), Daniel G. (1949), Brian M. (1950), Constance Ann (Van Hoven) (1952), Roger A. (1956), Mary Ruth (1959) and David Lee (1969). They live in St. Paul, Minn.
No. 123531 Harold Malvern McCall (1907-1969) son of Joshua Lawrence and Maude Stewart McCall was born in Inavale, Nebr. He married Mable Moberly (1905) in Saint Francis, Kan. in 1929. They later lived in California and several foreign countries where he worked as a research and development engineer. He died in New Jersey and is buried in Red Cloud, NE. They had two sons, Harold M. Jr. (1930-1971), and Richard Eugene (1934).
No. 123532 Lawrence Ernest (1909-1945) farmed near St. Francis Kan. where he married Norma Shields in 1929. They had 3 sons: Troy Joe (1933), Keith Henry (1941), and Jerry Lynn (1943).
No. 123533 James Howard (1912-1934) was born at Inavale, NE and operated a garage in Inavale with his brother Frank. He died of a chest tumor.
No. 123534 Frank Minier (1914 - ) left Inavale and has been in the live stock commission business in Kansas City, Mo. For many years. He married Bernina Hoshaw in 1935 and they adopted a son John (Jack) Lee (1941).
No. 123535 Charles (1916) went to Riverside, Calif. in 1935. He married Evelyn Pearson in 1941. He served in the navy in World War II. They have two children: Beverly (Seitz) (1945), and Roger (1948). He has been associated with the Tophams since 1935 in trucking oranges and fertilizer.
No. 123536 Ruth Marie (1918-1974) was a registered nurse. She married Jim E. Topham and they lived in Riverside, Calif. They had one son Larry Jim (1943). Ruth drowned while fishing in a river near Yellowstone National Park.
No. 123537 Louese Lucille (1921 - ) also was a registered nurse. She served overseas with the Navy in WWII. She married Leonard Griffith, a farmer and sheet metal worker of Red Cloud, NE. They now farm near Red Cloud, and have 5 children: Patricia Lynn(1947), died in infancy. Pama Lee (Kuper) (1950), Charles L. (1952), James D.1954) and Jere Lee (Gravatt) (1955).
No. 123538 Adrian William (1925 - ) was born near Inavale, NE as were all of his brothers and sisters. He graduated from Chicago Tech. College as an electrical engineer in 1950. Was in the navy in WWII. Married Genevieve Jean Updegraff in 1950. They now live in Moraga, Calif. and have 4 daughters, Mary Elizabeth (1952), Margaret Ann (1957), Patricia Jean (1962), and Lynn (Kirk) (1963).
No. 123541 Helen McCall Ely (1904- ) daughter of Floyd C. and Emily Topham McCall was born near Inavale, Nebr. She attended Hastings College and taught school awhile before marrying Glen Ely (1898-1975) of Guide Rock, Nebr in 1924. They lived in Guide Rock and later in Red Cloud, where she still resides They had 3 daughters, Margaret Ann( Watson) (1925), Dorothy(Sherwood) (1928), and Barbara( Curtis) (1937).
No. 123542 Josephine (1906-1957) married Bill Jernberg. They had no children.
No. 123543 Donald (1909-1957) married Cleo Babbington. He farmed, ran a butcher shop, worked with Glen Ely in the garage and implement business in Red Cloud. They had two daughters: Audrey(Wolpa) (1933-9173) and Angela (Steinkruger) (1936).
No. 123544 Hobert (1910-1935) never married. He farmed near Inavale for a while and later went to California where he was killed in an automobile accident. He is buried at Red Cloud, NE.
No. 123545 Edna (1912 - ) attended U. of Nebr. and taught school. She married Carleton Hutchins of Franklin where they spent most of their life. They operated a furniture business and funeral home. They adopted a son Stephen (1945) They retired and now live in Sun City, Ariz.
No. 123546 Bernice (1914 - ) also attended University of Nebr. She married Clifford Caldwell and they operated the Coast to Coast Store in Red Cloud for many years. They are now retired and still live in Red Cloud. They have one daughter, Paula (Amack) (1943).
No. 123551 Alfred Charles McCall (1907-1972) son of Cecil M. and Mabel Bradshaw McCall was born near Inavale, Nebr. He farmed there all of his life. He married Lucile Bauder and had two girls, Lynn Louise (Barta) (1943) and Lela Kay (Kelliher) (1945).
No. 123552 Malvern Carl McCall (1912 - ) Married Myrl Stoner in 1936. He left the farm and went to California. He was a machinist, and tool maker and was Mfg. engineer for Modine Mfg. Co. in Whittier Calif. where they made automobile radiators. Later lived in Palo Alto, Ca. where he worked as a machinist for Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Two daughters, Mary Lou (Otstott) (1938) and Gail Ann (Roice) (1944)
No. 123553 PauLine Frances (1915 - ) taught school for several years and then married William Koon of Red Cloud. They lived in Chicago for a time while he was in the navy during WWII and the rest of their life has been spent in Red Cloud. They had no children.
No. 123554 Allan Lee (1924 - ) married Peggy Saladen of Red Cloud. He served in the Army in WWII. He graduated from the University of Utah Medical School and then went back to the army for a period as an army doctor. He then went to Redlands, Calif. where he still practices with the Beaver Clinic. He specializes in anesthesia and general medicine. They have 3 children: Allan Lee Jr. (1948) Jean Cecile (Beaver) (1952) and Sally Elizabeth (1955).
No. 123555 Richard Clair (1929 - ) spent nearly 2 years with the army in Korea after High School . Then he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his PhD in Physics in 1957. He is now in charge of Health Physics at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, CA. He married Mary Gregory (1934) of New York in 1956. They have 3 children. Ann Rowan (1959) James Gregory (1960) and Margaret Thorne (1962). They live in Woodside, CA.
No. 123561 Hazel Fair (1906), daughter of Lucy A. and Herbert A. Fair, married Marlin Mower (1907), in 1933. They owned a variety store in Garden Grove CA and he now teaches drivers education in the high school there. They have two daughters, Nancy Jane (1941) (Carmichael) and Mary Anne (1944) (Ray).
No. 123591 Mildred McCall (1921 - ) daughter of Zenas V. and Ida Quisenberry McCall was born near Inavale, NE. She married George Campbell and they have two children, George Jr., and Ida. She was a school teacher, and they live in El Centro, CA.
No. 123592 Armina McCall, twin sister of Mildred, also taught school. She lives in Joplin, Mo. and has two children Patty (Hey) and Mike McCall.
No. 123501 Max Sidney Cleland (1916 - ) son of Grace McCall Cleland and Ralph Cleland. Was born on the Isle of Pines. He served in the Canadian Royal Airforce in England in WW II. He married Pat Drinan while in England, and they have 4 children: Alfred, Max Jr., Roberta, and Allen. They live in Ormond Beach Fla.
No. 123502 Ralph Stanley Cleland Jr. (1918 - ) was born at Okahumpka, Fla. He married Janet a Rutan and they have 2 children Rhea Sandra (1955) and Ralph S. Jr. (1958).
No. 124211 Alfred McCall (1908-1908) son of Fred Nales and Jean Belle Snyder McCall.
No. 124212 Alexander Robert (1912) married Lois Reynolds. Their children: Fred (1939), Edna Jean (Growber) (1940), Byron (1942), and Diane (1943).
No. 124213 Elsetta (1914) married William Taylor ( - 1974)
No. 124214 Mary Catherine (1918) married Lawrence Conwer (1915-1973). Their children were: Norman Lawrence (1939). Freddie R. (1942), Linda G. (1945), Lola Jean (1948), (Callender).
No. 124215 Opal (1923) married Jeff Roark-one child Rebecca (Walker).
No. 124216 Josephine Edna (1927), married Henry Terwillinger Their children are: Gary (1948), Carolyn (Huzinc) (1950), Paula (1952), Sandra (1956), Tondy Sue(1959), and Henry Jr. (1963).
No. 124221 Hazel McCall daughter of Frank and Anne Soverville McCall.
No. 124222 Grace McCall
No. 124223 Paul Victor McCa]l (1897) married Mary Frances Hillis (1902). Their children: Marian Elaine (Kapp) 1922), Mark Stewart (1928) and Frank Reyburn (1937).
No. 124224 Orland married Myrna Hartman and had one child, David Eugene. She had 4 children, Melissa, Melenda, Amity and David from a previous marriage.
No. 124225 June Betrelle McCall (1911) married Fred Leroy Burns (1909). Their children are: Max Hunter Burns (1934). Joe Arthur Burns (1936), Sue Anne Burns (Rimer) (1940), and Carrie Elizabeth Burns (Smathers) (1954)
No. 124231 Gladys Lucille Stewart (1898), daughter of Iva McCall and Thomas Delbert Stewart, married Clarence Edwin Bartlett (? - 1970). They had two children, Eloise Arlene (Crawford) (1922), and Thomas S. Barlett (1926).
No. 124232 Freda Grace Stewart (1902) married John Glenn Geist (1896). They had no children.
No. 124233 Charles Frederick Stewart (1904), married Hazel Louella Conner. Their children: Gloria Jean (Burns) (1929), Willard T. (1931), Larry R. (1934), Barbara Charylene (Myers) (1937) and Daniel Lee (1945).
No. 124234 Harry Roy Stewart (1906-1977) no children.
No. 124235 William Thomas Stewart (1912)married Gertrude Loretta Taylor (1917-1967). They had two children, William Thomas Jr. (1946), and Terry Curtis (1949). He later married Kathryn Kyle Stone and they had no children.
No. 124236 Christina Bernadine Stewart (1918) married Norman McCawley Datt (1916). Their children were Gary Norman (1950), and Rodney Stewart Datt (1954).
No. 124311 Minnie Bell Heeter (1897-1958) daughter of Ollie McCall and Samuel Heeter. She married Grant Lerch and they had twins, Lloyd and Cloyd. Cloyd died at birth.
No. 124312 Nettie Grace Heeter (1900-1956) married Marion B.Best. Their children are: Pauline (Wile), Leonora (Bashline), Woodrow W., Charoieth (Shoup), and Donna (Kline).
No. 124313 Almeda Esther (1903-1951) married Clarence C. Best and they had one daughter, Doris Marie (Beels).
No. 124314 Leonard Robert Heeter (1905-1965) married Mildred Rupert and had 2 children Robert ( - 1977), and Wendell Eugene.
No. 124315 Margaret Ollie Heeter (1907) married John B. Holliday. Their children were Marilyn (Denslinger) (1929-1976) and Eleanor Mae (Deitz).
No. 124316 Eleanor Mae Heeter (1908) married Velmore Elder. They had two children Dean Samuel and Rita (Stevens).
No. 124317 Mabel Marie Heeter (1910) married Homer Wile. Their children were Ronald, Robert, and Audean (Sanders).
No. 124318 Donald Miles Heeter (1915-1970) married Rebecca Hess and had 3 children: Benjamin, Samuel, and Timothy.
No. 124319 Evelyn Cathryn Heeter (1918) married Paul Stewart. Their children are Shelby (Neely), and William Paul Stewart.
No. 124351 Brainerd McCall (1906) son of Harry and Lydia Thompson McCall, married Katherine Kriebel and live in Clarion Co., PA. Their children are: Wesley, Carl, Ronald, and Kay (Hulls).
No. 124352 Ellen McCall (1908) daughter of Harry and Lydia Thompson, married Cliff Dunlap. Their children: Ken, Stacey Lynn, Keith and Kerry Beth.
No. 124353 Raymond (1910) married Flo Fowler. They farm near Parker PA. They have 3 children, Winan (1937) Joyce (Dunlap) (1941), and Marilyn (Lonchar) (1943).
No. 124354 Melda McCall (1912) married Harry Hogan and they have a son Donald.
No. 124361 Robert Thompson (1907-1967) son of Minnie McCall and Joseph Thompson, married Elsie Hartman and their children are Elizabeth Fern, Sylvia, (Wheeler), Robert, Clifford and Richard.
No. 124362 Clair Thompson (1911) married Dolly Brinker (1911) and had two children Budd (1938) and Larry (1949).
No. 128221 Eleanor McCall (Slagle), daughter of Lelia Fowler and John C. McCall
No. 128222 Helen McCall (Schubert)
No. 128223 Dorothy McCall (Slagle)
No. 128224 Mary McCall (Krieble)
No. 128225 Lawson McCall
No. 128226 James McCall
No. 128227 Charles McCall
No. 128241 Laura McCall, daughter of Joe and Alta (Craig).
No. 128242 Craig McCall
No. 128243 Louise McCall
No. 128244 0. Dorsey McCall
No. 128271 Buss M. Risher, son of Madge McCall and Forrest Risher.
No. 128272 Frances M. Risher.
No. 128273 Robert M. Risher
No. 128274 Dorothy Risher
No. 125711 Michael McCall, adopted son of Milton McCall. Lives in Cleveland 0.
No. 125712 Tammy McCall, adopted daughter of Milton McCall