Hi! I've decided to start sending out some junk email. I haven't decided what all to put in it yet.

Today's picture -- from Mount Hood, Oregon:


Y2K Update: Experts have confirmed that the earth will indeed stop its rotation on 12-31-1999. The "dusk line" has yet to be determined precisely. Real estate values along the narrow zone of moderate temperature are expected to soar next year. In an unrelated issue, the temporary sun outage last Wednesday was found to be due to a binary date rollover (11'th day, at 11:11 o'clock) similar to the Y2K problem.

Political Joke of today: Newt Gingrich.

Family News: Mike and Traci are over Canada at 48.8830N 123.5660W climbing out of 23,200', headed to Alaska with Shannon and Jodi. Everybody is healthy (physically).

..and a swallow just hit my window.

c mortacome!

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