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Monday, June 23, 2002
Important Stuff.

On June 5, my brother Mike and I took off in the Aircam...


...toward St. Louis. Right off the bat we went up to 14,000 feet to get over some weather and just about froze. The plane is open cockpit and has no heater, and it was 31 degrees up there. Eventually we got to Columbia, MO. The next morning we went to St. Louis and started following Lewis and Clark's route to the Pacific. On June 14, we made it to the ocean. We were stuck in Williston, North Dakota and Glasgow, Montana for a couple of days each, because of the weather. Everything else went great.

We took a few pictures, and we may even have a book out soon.

And that's it for this Junkmail, except for this outstanding photo of the Space Shuttle by ABC News.

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