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Sunday, August 28th, 2005

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    Like then P Diddy sang, "We ain't goin' no where."

    Come on with it then, storm. Bring me what ya got. Let's see who wins.
    NEW ORLEANS - Hurricane Katrina strengthened to a dangerous Category 5 storm on Sunday with 160 mph sustained wind as residents of south Louisiana jammed freeways in a rush to get out of the low-lying region and head inland to higher ground.

    Dear Friends,

    I appreciate all the advice and well wishes and prayers. I don't know how this is going to turn out. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend that I believe this will be a cake walk. I mean, I don't even know what a cake walk is. Is that some kind of event where you walk for charity and eat cake when you're done? Or maybe you eat the cake while you walk. I just don't know how it works. But I know this: I won't be eating any cake, and any walking I do will be more of a patrol than anything else.

    Everyone says I should leave, Part of me wants to. But, my parents are staying, and I know I'm going to have to rescue them.

    I love you guys, and I want you to say nice things about me if I die.

    We're on the 10th and 11th floor of a corporate high rise on Poydras Ave., right near St. Charles. We have generators and tons of food and water. It is 5 of us total. I am not sure how the internet connection will be affected. I have a camera and my gun.

    Sustained winds are 175, gusts to 215. The real danger is not the wind, though, it's the storm surge the wind will be pushing into the city from the Gulf through the lake. The city might never recover. Honestly, this thing could be biblical.

    I'll try to keep you guys updated as events warrant.

    Remember my survival post a while back?

    Now you'll get to see exactly what I'm talking about.

    And if you're looking to communicate with me, use AIM: IKilled007
    All preparations are completed. We're as safe as we can be in these conditions. the first bands are starting to come in... light winds, light rain, dark skies.
    Should have a webcam online and running within an hour. Will post the url when available. All utilities are still working. The news is telling us we're all going to die. We've got 60 cops stationed in our building as their staging area for their 12 hour shifts of 30 men each. They're on the 18th floor. We're at 650 Poydras in case anyone is wondering where that is. 10th and 11th floors. Use Google Earth.

    More to come.
    Ok, it's really getting dark now. Rain is intermittent but only moderate in force. Lotsof lightning kicking in. We're still trying to get the cam set up. Will probably stream to a url.

    More later.
    No real change since my last update. I might try to get some rest before the real nasty shit hits. Saw some more national guard trucks and troops roll down Poydras Ave. a little bit ago. Guess they are preparing for som problems.
    Oh yeah, if you're a chick, send me some nude pics. I could DIE!! :(
    Wind has picked up somewhat, but we must be between bands, cuz it's pretty clear outside -- partly cloudy at worst. No rain right now obviously. Pretty dark outside.

    We're gonna hook up the cam in the morning. Too dark to see anyway tonight.

    Nothing else to report right now.
    Two police snipers just came into the building. I know m24s when I see them. That's very disconcerting. I guess they're preparing for the worst. At least it's good to know those kind of weapons are... available... if I need them.

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