, laid off 100 people in September
AltaVista, in the process of laying off 200
APB Online, laid off 140 in July
Asia Online, plans to lay off 56 people this month, closed down in August, plans to lay off 25% of its employees this month, shut down this month, shut down last month, sold, most employees laid off in May
Boxman, shut down in October, laid off 75 people (25%) this month, shut down in August
CBS Internet Group, laid off 25% in May
ChamberBiz, laid off 40 last month
Chinadotcom, laid off 48 in August, filed for chapter 11 last month
Clickmango, shut down in September, shut down in March
Cyberhomes, shut down in this month, laid off 50 people in September
Digital Entertainment Network, shut down in May, laid off 45% this month, laid off 14 of 20 people., laid off 1/3 in May, most of the rest in August, laid off 60 people, plans to lay off 60 people, laid off 40 peopel in June, announced shut down last month
Evite, laid off 60% this month
first-e group, laid off 69 people last month, laid off 34 people last month, bought by global sports last month, 125 of 150 laid off., laid off 100 in September, laid off 54 in August
Freei Networks, filed for chapter 11 last month, shut down in September, laid off most workings this month, plans to shut down, plans to shut down, laid off 22 in September, bought out in October.
Internet Pictures, laid off 175 in October
iXL Enterprises, cut 350 people in September, shut down last month, cut over 300 in August, filed for chapter 7 in August, laid off 275, plans to lay off 70 people in October, cut 20 in August
MaMaMedia, laid off 150 people in June, 40 more in October
Miadora, shut down in September, cut 20% in June, 30% in October, Plans to lay off most of 618 employees last month.
MTVi, cut 105 people in September, cut 120 people last month
NBCi, cut 170 people last month
News Digitial Media, laid off 82 people last month
Next Media, laid off 188 people last month
Onvia, cut 85 people in September
Pandesic, shut down in July
pAsia, laid off 10% this month
Petopia, laid off 120 people last month, plans to shut down, laid off 255 of 320, plans to cut 50 people, shut down in September
Priceline WebHouse, plans to shut down, cutting 375 people Inc., plans to lay off 87 people
Productopia, shut down last month
Pseudo, shut down in September, laid off in May, 2/3 of the remaining this month leaving 20., laid off all 150 people in June
Renren Media, laid off 102 in August
Scour, filed for chapter 11 last month, laid off 80% in September, laid off 20 in September, laid off 50 people, laid off 22 people last month
SportsYA!, laid off 50 last month, cut 240 or 40% last month
Stan Lee, cut 19 in September
StarMedia, Cut 125 in September, shut down this month
Supertracks, laid off 40 in September, laid off 60 in June, cut 51, laid off 20% of U.S. employees, shut down in U.K. this month, laid off 80 in August
Toysmart, shut down in May
Urban Box Office, filed for bankruptcy and laid off most of 330 people, cut a lot of people, including all 60 in London.
Value America, filed for chapter 11 last month, laid off 185 in August
WebMD, plans to cut 1,100 jobs last month
Worldsport, shut down
Xceed, cut 75 jobs
Xenote, shut down in September
Xpedior, cut 270 jobs in September, cut 50% last month, cutting 140 positions last month
ZipLink, plans shut down this month