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Friday, June 22, 2001
Important Stuff

I just got back from visiting New York and Washington DC with my family. New York is big, and they don't like U-turns in Arlington VA. I haven't had time to write Junkmail lately, so here's one less writing and more pictures.

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A Penny Saved

The U.S. Government announced today the recall of 43,634,456,263 pennies. The U.S. one cent coin was discovered to be a choking hazard to children under 3. The government is expected to follow suit with the dime, nickel, and quarter.

Yes, I just made that up. But when I searched for "choking hazard recall" on, it found more than 7,000 web sites. I think that may be too many, and that parents should keep their kids from eating things like rocks and dynamite.

For the record, my brother Mike (who is considered by many to be mentally disadvantaged) swallowed a dime once. My parents called up Dr. Williams to see what to do. The Dr. said to pull on his left ear and wait for the change. I didn't make that up.


Usually when I get junk email from a questionable place, I ignore it. I think if you try to unsubscribe from some of these anonymous emailers they take it as the discovery of a real person on the other end and inundate you with email. was inundating me with email. Finally I knuckled under and decided to unsubscribe. Rather than just replying with "unsubscribe" or "remove" in the subject, they sent me to a web page. Then I had to have a password to unsubscribe. Since I'd never been there before I had no password. I went through the lost-password ritual, and they emailed me my password: 810058594. I don't know where it came from, but I do know it didn't come from me. I use passwords that are more secure and more difficult to guess such as "password" or "p". That took a lot of gall! They signed me up, and claimed I gave them that password. The bums.

Here are a couple of interesting stories on the dot-com fallout.

Why CIA?

A week or two ago A guy named George went to the Middle East to arrange a truce, although unsuccessfully. George is the head of the CIA. I am really confused as to why the CIA went instead of the President or Vice-President or an ambassador or someone else from the State Department. Maybe George Dubbya should take a Freshmen Political Science class.

Why won't the Palestinians settle down? I don't see anything they can gain from the violence. I thought they had a pretty good deal negotiated before they started shooting again. I think the only winners are the arms dealers.

Pictures of Today!

A thunderstorm over the Colorado Plains, taken from 24,000 feet.


A beaver in Maroon Lake, near Aspen.

       IMG_9411.jpg      IMG_9424.jpg        IMG_9429.jpg

Maroon Bells


This picture above was taken from Maroon Lake, at the lower left of this picture.


An interesting rock formation.


Maroon Lake (lower left) and Pyramid Peak (upper right).


Sunset on North Maroon Peak.


The Maroon Peak tops


Cold Lake


A Valley


The top of an unnamed peak.


Some red rocks


Some butterflies

At 12,000'+ in Colorado:


At 600'+ in Pryor:

        IMG_9575.jpg      IMG_9580.jpg      IMG_9598.jpg

The Pryor Open tennis tournament was last weekend. Jerry didn't win the Open Singles, but he did get some style points.


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