quiet town

this is residence of a town guard

from the first look ghosttown seems like a normal town, someone put their washing hungs on a balcony, some windows open, other clothed, here is taxi stop, there is grocery store... then, you read this slogan on building- "party of Lenin lead us to the triumph of a communism"- that helps to realise that clothes hung on balcony for 18 years and that town is empty..

If I am in ghosttown just for a rides, then I go alone, but I never go alone inside of a buildings. There are many places that not safe. Usually, when I go to explore buildings I pick up a girl, who live in Chernobyl and make her living with leading people through dead zone. She is native here and literate in issues of atom. There are bad places where no one goes, even scientists staying away, one of such place is magic wood and other is cemetery in Ghosttown. it's buried some radiactive graphite in there and now people can not visit and commemorate their relatives.

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