cruising around big egg

This is what left of village with population of 4.500 So called exclusion zone is a territory of 30 kms around atomic power-plant. We are not in a dead zone yet, we cruising around big egg and now we are some 50 kms on South from reactor.

now we are 50 kms on west from reactor.

This old man lives in Chernobyl area, he is one of 3.500 people that either refused to leave or returned to their villages after 1986. I admire those people, each of them is a philosopher in own way. When you ask if they not afraid to die, they telling that at home they may die with radiation and in some other place they would definately die with home-sickness. They eat food from own gardens, drink milk of their caws and claim that they are healthy, but we can't get away from facts, only 400 of them left out of 3.500. It appears that stubborn people, those of fortitude- are first victims

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