St Petersburg to Isla Mujeres, 2007

In 2007 the Minnow entered the Mexico Race, the Regata del Sol al Sol. It's a race from St. Petersburg, Florida to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Our crew, or what passed as a sailing crew, was Mike Fullerton, Steven Webster, Mike Webster, and Bob Webster. One of our competitors (who happened to be ahead of us at the time) lost a rudder off the coast of Cuba. We tied onto them and towed them on to Mexico with our motors. It was a lot easier than trying to drive by hand with a spinnaker up.

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We motored under the bridge to start because of a headwind.
Leaving St. Petersburg
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We (Doc Fullerton) caught 1 barracuda, a 21lb blackfin tuna, and a 16lb dolphin.
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Real fishing...
Reel fishing...
We also caught a trimaran. Their rudder broke a few miles ahead of us, and we towed them in. That way we could cross the finish line ahead of them.
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The Dubai Crown crossed in front of us. It put out a pretty big wake.
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At Isla Mujeres, up the mast.
The Thunderbird.
Our boat is just a bit bigger.
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Main halyard and topping lift.