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big stuff

Bob's Junkmail - Important Stuff.
Family Tree - A big family tree, with Webster, Bachman, Van Valkenburgh, and McCall
Handel's Messiah - Handel's Messiah without words, including versions for individual parts
Minnow '08 - Hawaii, Midway, Aleutians - Sailing to Alaska via Midway, Attu
Photo Mud - a very nice application, updated October 2019!
Pictures from Earth - Thousands of bugs, animals, and plants, searchable, with ID and data.
Mountains - Some mountains, photos and etc.
Alaska Photos 1997 to 2010

newer stuff

A trip to New Zealand - with stops in Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, and Hawaii
Seattle to Oklahoma, December 2022 (mostly) - by way of Mexico
Fairbanks to Seattle, December 2022 - A Nice Drive in Chilly Temperatures
Florida (mostly), November-December 2022 - A trip to the Key West Triathlon
Oklahoma to Colorado, July 2022
Some flowers, bugs, and a few humans along Dillon Reservoir, 8/1/22
Some family photos, about 1991
Florida, 2021 - Birds, Bugs, etc. from Florida, November-December 2021
Everglades etc., April 2021
OK to AZ, CA, etc., March 2021
Bugs, Birds, and Walls in South Texas, January 2021
SpaceX Starships, Boca Chica, January 2021 - Two days before the explosive launch of SN9
Merritt Island, January 2021 Birds and other life from Merritt Island (mostly)
Washington DC - Inauguration Eve, 2021
Life in New Zealand - Some Bugs, Birds, Plants, etc. in New Zealand
Aircam West 2020 - Aerial Photos from Oklahoma to Utah and Back, July-August 2020

older stuff

Aircam South, 2019 - Oklahoma to Louisiana and South Texas, by air.
Oklahoma to Oregon, September 2019
Bugs of Hannibal, Missouri, 8/12/2019
Aircam West, 2019 - Oklahoma to Utah and Arizona by air.
Aircam, June 2019 - Aerial photos of Pryor, MAIP, and Google.
Flooding, 2019 - Mayes County floods and etc.
ADK 2019 - Adirondak expedition, 2019.
Fire Ants - Imported Brazilian fire ants, Everglades .
Oklahoma to Florida, 2019 (trip 2) - Road trip.
Oklahoma to Florida, 2019 - Road trip.
Australia 2018 - Triathlons and etc.
Oklahoma to California, 2018 - The road to Alcatraz.
3 Bugs - Some bug photos I like. There might be more than 3.
Air Force F22 Photos
Aircam Pages - Building and flying N3251E
Aircam West 2014 - Oklahoma to Seattle by air, via Oakland and Tucson
AirCam to Lakeland, 2001 - Aerial Photos from Oklahoma to Florida and Back
AirCam Goes West - Aerial Photos from Oklahoma to Nevada and Back, 2001
Aircam 2016 - Photos from the Aircam from Oklahoma to Colorado and Back.
Alaska by Aircam - Aerial Photos from Oklahoma to the Alaskan Arctic and Back, 2002
American Small Business Computers Catalog - Bargains from the Early 1980's
Antarctica '94 - Photos from Antarctica
A Trip to Canada - Photos from a Trip to Eureka and the Far North, 2004
The Babelfish - A TransAtlantic Crossing, 2005
Backpacking to Slate Lake - Pictures from the Gore Range, Colorado, July 2015.
Bermuda - A bunch of Bermuda photos (plus Bermuda Underwater)
Bob's Web Site - this ancient personal site needs a little updating.
08-2017-bugs - Some bugs I ran across on August 8.
Bugs, birds, and Olivia - Miscellaneous and etc.
Caribbean 2006 - Photos on a Meandering Route from the Virgin Islands to Florida
Chicago Basin Photos - Chicago Basin, Colorado, 2008
Coast-to-Coast NZ - Pictures from the race.
Colorado-Kansas, August 2015 - Pictures on a drive from Colorado to Kansas.
Colorado, 2015 - Pictures in the snow, February 2015.
DC to Key West via Fort Jeff - Sailing Photos and etc, November 2011
Ecuador - Climbing Cotopaxi, 2009
Edwards AFB Air Show - Photos from the Air Show, 2005
Everglades Birds - Some birds in the Everglades, January 2012
Family Photos 2 - Some old family photos, mostly immediate family.
FBI Warning (Video) - Bob Says Don't! from the ViaGrafix Training Tapes
Floppies - Shareware from the mid-1980's.
Florida to Mississippi, 2015 - A drive from Florida to Mississippi: Birds, and lots of etc.
Flying to Europe - Information on General Aviation Transatlantic Flights (out of date)
Four and twenty blackbirds - Some red-winged blackbirds in Kansas.
Gannett Peak - Finally Made It in 2011! Fourth Attempt. Snow.
The Gold Mine - Some Colorado Photos, 2009
The Gold Mine - Pictures from Peekaboo Gulch, Colorado, August 2015.
Great Wall - The Great Wall of China, 1993.
Handies Peak, Colorado - 8/23/2011
Hawaii - Some Photos from Hawaii, 2008
Highland Hammock State Park, 2015 - Florida birds, snakes, lizards, and bugs, March 2015.
Joplin, 10 days after - 125 Aerial photos of Joplin 2011 tornado damage
A Jorski Gathering, December 2016
Katahdin, February 2015 - It was cold! Fun, too.
Lewis and Clark by Air - A Book by Mike and I
Lightning Strike - Lightning destroyed a giant oak on August 5.
Little Bear - Photos on the climb of Little Bear, Colorado, 2004
Mayflower Gulch - Melinda's Pictures from Mayflower Gulch, Colorado, August 2015.
McCullough Gulch - Pictures from McCullough Gulch, Colorado, June 2015.
Minnow07 - Photos from the Minnow's Voyage from Key West to Hawaii
Minnow 09 - Washington State to Florida
Miscellaneous pages on this site - This has all kinds of miscellany and et cetera.
Miscellany - A few pictures driving west, July 2016.
Miscellany - A few more pictures driving west, July 2016.
Mount Rainier - Two Attempts, one Summit, 2004 and 2006.
The Mutiny - Accident and Evacuation from the Minnow, 2005
Nautical Charts - NOAA Nautical Charts Suitable for Printing
Nepal - Trekking to Everest Base Camp and etc., 2008
New Zealand, 2007 - Photos from New Zealand, 2007
New Zealand, January 2015 - Some pictures from the other side.
New Zealand, 2017 - Pictures from the trip to Coast-to-Coast.
OK to Seattle and back - Photos from a road trip, February 2013.
Okarche 2017 - Most competitors in the March in Okarche Duathlon, 2017.
Oklahoma to Colorado, July 2015 - Pictures on a drive from Guthrie to Colorado.
Oklahoma to Hilton Head and Back - Miscellaneous photos, 2011
Oklahoma to Key West, 2017 - Oklahoma to Key West and back.
Pryor High School BandA Bit About the Pryor High School Band
Pryor Open - Results and Photos from the Pryor Open Tennis Tournament, 1996 on
Pryor to Key West, 2012 - Some pictures along the way
Red Mountain - Red Mountain, Chaffee County, Colorado Photos and etc.
Red Winged Blackbirds - A giant flock, Kansas, January 2012
Scotland - Photos from Northern Scotland, June 2013.
Some Sheet Music - Some sheet music for 2, 3, or 4 part brass.
South Carolina to Florida, March 2015 - By boat and by car.
Stupid Patents - The USPTO should be upended.
Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks, Colorado - 8/24/2011
ViaBoat.com - The Minnow Web Page
Wandering About, 2009 - Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, France, Ireland
Washington DC Triathlon - Pictures to and from the race, September 2017.
Webster Family Photos - Hundreds of family photos, extended family.
What About Mars? - Photos, Information and Exploration History (out of date)
White Sands Missiles - December 2013.

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