Gannett II, the Second Annual Valiant Attempt, 2007

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A group of us made the second annual valiant attempt at Gannett Peak, Wyoming in August, 2007. There were eleven people total, hailing from Washington, DC to Brisbane, Australia; eight boys and three girls, all old enough to know better (16 to 63) and dumb enough not to care.

It was a long hike, somewhere around 40 miles round-trip, with quite a lot of elevation change. Five people made it over Bonney Pass, four made it to within .3 miles the summit, and every last one of us chickened out.

This naturally provides for our 2008 Third Annual Valiant Attempt on Gannett Peak. Maybe we'll try the route from the Green River next time, since that's supposed to be harder.






Melinda working out.