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constitution.htm The United States Constitution
greenish.htm Some Music
navajo.htm Navajo Lake Area Map
newamsterdam1652.htm Aerial Photos of Mount Adams, Washington, September 21, 2007
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a13 Photos from Highland Hammock State Park, Florida, April 2004
a14 Photos from Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, April 2004
a15 Aircam Photos from Lakeland to Titusville, April 2004
a18 Muskogee, Oklahoma Air Show, April 2004, F-16 Thunderbirds
a19 Photos at Elizabeth's Mom's, 3/28/2010
a20 Breckenridge, May 6, 2012
a21 Trail Pictures
a22 Pond Photos, 1/6/2013
a23 vhtower, 1/20/2013
a24 OK to CO
a24/storm.htm South of Dodge
a25 Some Bugs
a26 Melinda's Wedding, 7/27/13
a27 Minnow Lines
a28 Hoover Dam Bridge, May 5, 2009
a29 Bugs from Yesterday (6/18/14)
a30 Fiddleback Spiders
a31 More Polymorph Fiddlebacks
a33 45 Species on the Mason Lake Trail
a34 Eurocopter UH-72A Lakota
a36 1995 A-36 Bonanza, N3251X (Sold)
a4 Aerial Photos from Lake Gage, near Angola, Indiana, April 2004
a8 Seven Photos from Pinckney Island, near Hilton Head, South Carolina, April 2004
adak06 Photos from Adak Island, Alaska, May 2006
adk08 Photos from the Annual Winter Hike in the Adirondack Mountains, 2008
adk2011 Photos from Mount Seward, the Annual Adirondacks Winter Hike and Festival, February 2011
adk2013 ADK 2013 (and etc.)
adk2013/adk ADK 2013!
adk2013/chincoteague Chincoteague Island
adk2013/michael ADK 2013 (Michael Hering's Photos)
adk2013/ok-ny Oklahoma to New York
afmuseum04 Photos from Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, Dayton Ohio, August 2004
aircam Building photos, equipment list, flight manual, performance, and trip photos for AirCam N3251E
aircam/equipment.htm Aircam Equipment List
aircam/performance.htm Aircam Flight Performance
aircam/building Photos, Building the Aircam, N3251E
aircam/panel Instrument Panel for Aircam N3251E
aircam/sebring Aircam Construction Photos from Sebring, Florida
aircamwest01/airtrip1.htm Aerial Photos from a trip across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado, taken from the Aircam N3251E in June 2001.
aircamwest01/airtrip2.htm Aerial Photos across Utah to Page, Arizona, following the Colorado River, taken from the Aircam N3251E in June 2001.
aircamwest01/airtrip3.htm Aerial Photos from Page Arizona, across the Grand Canyon, to Las Vegas, taken from the Aircam N3251E in June 2001.
aircamwest01/airtrip4.htm Aerial Photos of Lake Powell and Canyonlands, Utah, taken from the Aircam N3251E in June 2001.
aircamwest01/airtrip5.htm Aircam Aerial Photos from Colorado, 2001
aircamwest01/airtrip6.htm Aerial Photos from a trip across New Mexico and Oklahoma, taken from the Aircam N3251E in June/July 2001.
aircamwest01 Aerial Photos from Aircam N3251E on a trip to the Western U.S., 2001
aircamwest2014 Aircam West, 2014
aircamwest2014/arizona Arizona (mostly)
aircamwest2014/blythe-tucson Blythe, California to Tucson, Arizona
aircamwest2014/ca-crescentcity Mount Shasta to Crescent City, CA
aircamwest2014/ca-oakland Lone Pine to Oakland
aircamwest2014/ca-susanville Truckee - Fallon - Susanville
aircamwest2014/ca-truckee Oakland to Truckee, CA
aircamwest2014/colorado Colorado
aircamwest2014/dalles-lakeview The Dalles to Lakeview, Oregon
aircamwest2014/deathvalley Death Valley and the CA desert
aircamwest2014/kansas Kansas
aircamwest2014/lakeview-tonopah Lakeview, Oregon to Tonopah, Nevada, August 2014
aircamwest2014/mesquite-blythe Mesquite, Nevada to Blythe, California
aircamwest2014/nevada Nevada (largely)
aircamwest2014/oregon Oregon
aircamwest2014/pecos-claremore Pecos, Texas to Claremore, Oklahoma
aircamwest2014/pecos-claremore/oil Oil Wells and Stuff from Pecos, Texas to Oklahoma
aircamwest2014/tonopah-mesquite Tonopah to Mesquite, Nevada
aircamwest2014/tucson-pecos Tucson, Arizona to Pecos, Texas
aircamwest2014/utah Utah, Arches etc.
aircamwest2014/utah2 Utah - Canyonlands, Lake Powell, etc.
aircamwest2014/wa-everett Cascades from Stuart to Everett
aircamwest2014/wa-hiddenlake Hidden Lake Lookout
aircamwest2014/wa-masonlake Hike to Mason Lake
airtrip5 Aircam Photos from Colorado to Oklahoma, June 2001
alaska Alaska Photo Pages, 1997 to 2010
alaska02/0723-edmonton.htm Photos from Bismarck to Edmonton, 7-23-02, in Aircam N3251E
alaska02/0724-ft-nelson.htm Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos, Edmonton to Fort Nelson, 7-24-02
alaska02/0725-norman-wells.htm Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos, Fort Nelson to Norman Wells, 7-25-02
alaska02/0727-whitehorse.htm Ft. Liard to Whitehorse, 7-27-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0728-yakutat.htm Whitehorse to Yakutat, 7-28-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0729-anchorage.htm Yakutat to Anchorage, 7-29-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0730-fairbanks.htm Anchorage to Fairbanks, 7-30-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0731-kotzebue.htm Fairbanks to Kotzebue, 7-31-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0801-anchorage.htm Kotzebue to Anchorage, 8-1-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0812-homer.htm Anchorage to Homer, 8-12-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0813-cold-bay.htm Homer to Cold Bay, 8-13-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0814-homer.htm Cold Bay to Homer, 8-14-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0815-seward.htm Homer to Seward, 8-15-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0815-valdez.htm Seward to Valdez, 8-15-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0816-juneau.htm Valdez to Juneau, 8-16-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0817-port-hardy.htm Junea to Port Hardy, 8-17-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0818-olympia.htm Port Hardy to Olympia, 8-18-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0819-adams.htm Mount Adams, Washington, 8-19-2002, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0819-st-helens.htm Mount St. Helens, 8-19-2002, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0819-twin-falls.htm Olympia WA to Twin Falls ID, 8-19-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0821-denver.htm Logan UT to Denver, 8-21-02, Aircam N3251E Aerial Photos
alaska02/0822-pryor.htm Denver to Pryor, 8-22-02
alaska02 Photos from a scenic trip to the Alaskan Arctic in Aircam N3251E, August 2001
alaska02/nomap.htm Photos from a scenic trip to the Alaskan Arctic in Aircam N3251E, August 2001
alaska02a Photos from Alaska, June 2002, Nome, Katmai Bears, and Valdez.
alaska04 Photos, driving to and around Alaska, 2004
alaska04/cruise Alaska Cruise, 2004
alaska04/cruise/juneau To Juneau
alaska04/cruise/ken Kenny's Cruise
alaska04/cruise/ketchikan Ketchikan (and a little Skagway)
alaska04/cruise/resurrectionbay Resurrection Bay (mostly)
alaska04/cruise/skagway Skagway
alaska04/cruise/vancouver vancouver
alaska04/deadhorse Photos from the drive from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, Alaska, 2004
alaska04/drivehome The Drive Home from Alaska, July 2004
alaska04/exitglacier Photos from Exit Glacier and Harding Icefield, Alaska, July 2004
alaska04/fairbanks Photos from the drive from Pryor, Oklahoma to Fairbanks, Alaska, 2004
alaska04/mtroberts Photos from Mount Roberts, Alaska, 2004
alaska04/seward Alaska
alaska08 False Pass to Prince William Sound, Alaska
alaska08/afognak Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Afognak Island
alaska08/amagat Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Amagat Island
alaska08/bainbridge Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Bainbridge Glacier
alaska08/beehive Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Beehive Rock
alaska08/birdisland Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Bird Island
alaska08/coldbay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Cold Bay
alaska08/columbiabay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Columbia Bay
alaska08/foulbay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Foul Bay Underwater
alaska08/herringbay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Herring Bay
alaska08/icybay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Icy Bay
alaska08/iliasik Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Iliasik Island
alaska08/kaguyakbay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Kaguyak Bay, Kodiak Island
alaska08/kodiak Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Kodiak Island
alaska08/lighthouserocks Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Lighthouse Rocks
alaska08/morzhovoi Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Morzhovoi Bay
alaska08/northwestern Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Northwestern Fjord
alaska08/nukapassage Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Nuka Passage
alaska08/semidi Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Semidi Islands
alaska08/simeonof Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Simeonof Harbor
alaska08/sitkalidak Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Sitkalidak Strait
alaska08/suklik Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Kuklik Island
alaska08/threesaintsbay Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Three Saints Bay, Kodiak Island
alaska08air Aerial photos from Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (and a few from Sitka)
alaska1 North to Alaska! Photos from a trip to Alaska in a TBM-700, August 2001
alaska1a Photos from the Anchorage Area, August 2001
alaska2 Photos from Anchorage, Kodiak, and Nome, August 2001
alaska2010 Wandering About Alaska, 2010: Photos from Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, Brooks River, Seward, Exit Glacier, Kotzebue, Nome, Savoonga, Denali, Prudhoe Bay, Barter Island, Haines, and Sitka.
alaska3 Photos from Gambell and St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, August 2001
alaska4 Anchorage Pictures (mostly), August 2001
alaska97 Alaska by Bonanza, 1997
alaska99 Photos from Alaska, 1999
albatross Photos of Black Browed Albatrosses at Kaena Point, Oahu, 2008
aleutians Sailing from Hawaii and Midway to the Aleutians and Alaska - Aleutian Islands
alkider Al Kider Discount Nuclear Weapons
allstate MP3's of the Oklahoma All State Band, Chorus, and Orchestra 1969, 1970, and 1977.
amedee Amedee Army Base, 2014
antarctica Photos from the Antarctic Peninsula aboard the m/v Professor Molchanov, December 1994
archer 1977 Archer II, N8272F (Sold)
arctic04 A Trip Up North
arctic04/story.htm The story of a trip to Eureka, Nunavut, Canada, August 2004
asbc A copy of the American Business Computers catalog, computer hardware circa 1981-1982.
atomic Photos of the Idaho National Laboratory and the World's First Nuclear Power Plant, September 2006
australia Some photos from a drive across Australia, north to south from Darwin to Tasmania, December 2007
az-ok 166 Aerial Photos from Arizona to Oklahoma, October 2005
babelfish The Babelfish, a sailing catamaran, goes transatlantic, May-June 2005.
babygators Photos of Baby Alligators, Pinkney Island, South Carolina, April 2011
baldy Photos: Climbing Bald Mountain, near Breckenridge, Colorado, from the back side, October 2004
balloon Aerial photos of a hot air balloon, the ed.spelterini, October 2005
barb Photos of Barbara Jean Webster
bears Alaska Photos: Bears of Katmai, Nome, etc., July 2002
bees Some Bee Photos
benjamin Benny and Friends
bermuda Photos from Southport, NC to Bermuda and back to Cape Charles, VA on the sailing catamaran Minnow, June 2011
bermuda/underwater Bermuda Underwater
bmw Steven's 2002 BMW 325i (sold)
boats Some interesting boats in San Diego, California, October 2004
boneyard "Aircraft Boneyard", Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, August 2014
bookshow A hike into the Grand Canyon after the Book Show in Los Angeles, June 2003
borah Photos from a hike up Borah Peak, the high point of Idaho, September 2006.
brainless Brian Webster, Steven Webster, and Kenny Webster in the Snow, maybe Spring Break 2001
breckhome Photos of the Breckenridge House
breckhome/jumps Back Yard Hill
breckhome/summer Summer Photos
breckhome/swanriver Swan River in the Back Yard
breckpics Pictures for the Breckenridge House
ca Photos from the California Desert, 2003
ca-az Aerial Photos from California to Arizona, October 2005
ca-ok Aerial Photos from Bakersfield, California to Claremore, Oklahoma, October 2005.
ca01 Pictures from the Levity
Newport Beach to San Diego, October 2005
camliklocomotives09 Photos of old railroad engines and equipment from the Railroad Museum in Çamlik, Turkey, August 2009
caribbean Photos from the Caribbean, St. Thomas to Fort Lauderdale, 2006
chernobyl GHOST TOWN
chesapeake Photos from the sailing catamaran Minnow in Chesapeake Bay, complete with Navy ships, August 2006
christmas2012 Christmas 2012
christmas2013 Christmas 2013
clafoutis The Clafoutis, Normandy to the Scilly Isles
co Skiing Breckenridge, Spring Break 2002
co-ks Colorado to Kansas, October 2005
co10 Photos from Navajo Lake, Mount Wilson, and Wilson Peak, August 2003.
co11 Photos from a climb up Crestone Needle, Colorado, August 2003
co12 Some Colorado Pictures, September 2003
co13 Photos from the Colorado, September 2003
co14 Photos from the Gold Mine, October 2003
co15 East from Hoosier Pass
co16 Colorado, September 2005
co17 Labor Day 2005, Colorado
co18 Photos from Colorado (mostly), 9/16/05
co19 Photos from Peekaboo Gulch, Maroon Bells, etc., Colorado, October 2005
co2 Spring Break 2002, Breckenridge, Colorado
co20 Some Colorado Photos, 4/13/06
co21 Photos of Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, and Mount Sopris, Colorado, April 2006
co22 Photos from Hanging Lake, Colorado, and etc., April 2006
co24 Somewhere around Creede, Colorado, August 2008, including Unnamed 13,111 peak.
co25 The Ridge Behind the Goldmine, or Unnamed 13,772, August 2008.
co26 Colorado etc., around New Year '10
co27 Breckenridge, Thanksgiving 2010
co28 Colorado
co29 Colorado
co3 Steven's Graduation, Pryor High School, 2002
co4 Mount Baldy (mostly)
co5 Melinda's Climb, Breckenridge, Colorado, May 2002
co6 Photos from a hike over the 10-mile range, and climbing Mount Lincoln and Mount Democrat, Colorado, Labor Day 2002
co7 Photos, James and Shannon on Mount Lincoln, Colorado, and etc., October 2002
co8 Snow photos of Summit County, Colorado, January 2003
co9 Photos from Loveland Pass and Quandary Peak, Colorado, June 2003
comdex03 Photos from the flight out of Comdex, 2003: Utah and Colorado, maybe a little Arizona.
comdex1 Pitchers, Pre-Comdex 2002
comdex2002 Comdex Pictures 2002
crash The Dangers of Teenage Driving!
craterlake66 Crater Lake 1966
cub 1946 Piper Cub for Sale
cuba Cuba!
cyprus09 Photos from Cyprus, 2009
dad78s A few hundred mp3's of some old 78 records, with label photos.
dc-2011 Photos from OK to Cape Charles, sailing to Georgetown, messing around Georgetown, sailing from Georgetown up the Potomac to Washington DC, and driving back to Oklahoma, October 2011.
dc-ftjeff-2011 Sailing from Washington DC to Fort Jefferson on the Minnow, 2011
dprenouf Photos on the sailing catamaran Minnow, September 2005
ecuador Photos from Ecuado, March 2009
edwardsafb Photos from the Edwards Air Force Base 2005 Air Show
etc Thunderstorms and Bookexpo 2004
etc-1 today's and yesterday's pictures (October 20 and 21, 2005)
etc-2 Miscellaneous Aerial Photos around Pryor, 10/19/05
etc-3 Miscellaneous Aerial Photos, Pryor Area, November 6, 2005
etc-4 Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma, April 2006
etc-5 A few photos from Maroon Bells, Colorado; Braman, Oklahoma; and Key West, Florida, April-May 2006.
etc-6 Some photos from Leadville, Cape Code, Norfolk, and Florida, January 2007
etc-7 Aerial photos from Seattle to Leadville, September 2007, including Maroon Bells, Pyramid Peak, Castle Peak, Capitol Peak, Snowmass Mountain, and Mount Sopris. Also there is the junction of the Yampa and Green Rivers.
europe02 Photo pages from Europe, 2002, Wales, France, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, including a transatlantic flight with aerial photos of Greenland.
everglades/birds2012 Birds from the Everglades (mostly)
f22 F/A 22 Air Force Photos, 1999-2005
f35 Photos of the F-35 Lightning II
fampics A few hundred family photos.
fireworks2010 Fourth of July, 2010
fl02 Aerial Photos from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, flying the Aircam to Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, Florida, April 2002.
fljet Florida Jets, RC Model Jets, February 2002
floppies 32 Shareware Applications from the 1980s.
flyingtoeurope General Aviation Flying to Europe
fortlivingston Fort Livingston, Grand Terre Island, Louisiana, April 2002
france09 Photos from Normandy and Paris, September 2009
freeport Photos from Freeport, Bahamas, October 2006
ftgibson Photos from a TU field trip to Lake Fort Gibson, October 2006
ftjeff Fort Jefferson by Air, February 2006
gennaker A shredded gennaker on the Minnow, November 2005
giga Yuval and Rina Eshel at Loveland Pass and Quandary Peak, Colorado, June 2003
glacierbay Valdez to Glacier Bay, May 2006, Aerial Photos
goldminecache Photos from the Gold Mine Geocache nead South Fork Lake Creek, Colorado, August 2009
googlepryor Google Data Center, Mayes County
goosecreek Aerial Photos of Naval Weapons Station Charleston (Goose Creek), 2002
graduation Brian and Cathy Webster both graduate from Tulsa University with MS Degrees, December 2006
grandbahama Steven, Melinda, and Bob on Grand Bahama, October 2006
grandcanyon Aerial Photos of the Grand Canyon, October 2005
grandjunction Photos from near Grand Junction, Colorado, November 2002
greenland Aerial Photos of Southern Greenland, January 2001, on a transatlantic flight in a TBM-700
gustavus A hike around Gustavus, Alaska, August 2006
hawaii Photo Pages from Hawaii, 2008
hike Photos on a hike from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, August 1973, mostly along the John Muir Trail
hiltonhead05 A Bunch of Hilton Head Pictures, March 2005
hubble Images from the Hubble Space Telescope
hxd Hilton Head, October '02
hxd11a Hilton Head and Back, May 2011
i40bridge I-40 Bridge near Webbers Falls, May 2002
id-ks Photos on a drive through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas, September 2006
ireland09 Photos from Ireland, September 2009
israel09 Photos from Israel, September 2009
jeffpics Jeff's Pictures
jeffpics/extras.htm Jeff's Extras
jerrysminnow Jerry's Minnow, November 2007
joplintornado 10 Days Later, the 2011 Joplin Tornado
junkmail/privacy.htm Junkmail Privacy Policy
junkmail/junk1/hoodice.htm Ice on Mount Hood, 1999
junkmail/junk10/badboys.htm FAA Bad Boys
junkmail/junk10/trippics.htm A few photos from Colorado and California, 1999
junkmail/junk102/atombomb.htm How to Build an Nuclear Weapon
junkmail/junk102/pot.htm Pictures of Today!
junkmail/junk105/boccippio.htm Lightning Concentration"
junkmail/junk11/aggie.htm Photos from Mount Aggie, California, October 1999
junkmail/junk11/jean1.htm Some Real Planes at Jean, Nevada, October 1999
junkmail/junk11/jean2.htm Some RC Racing Models at Jean, Nevada, October 1999
junkmail/junk11/mammoth.htm Photos from Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley, and etc., October 1999
junkmail/junk11/wendover.htm Photos from Mammoth to Las Vegas, October 1999
junkmail/junk113/blueangels.htm Photos of a Blue Angels practice at the Tupelo, Mississippi airport, April 2002.
junkmail/junk113/forts.htm Some Old Forts Along the Gulf Coast, April 2002
junkmail/junk113/lighthouses.htm Aerial photos of some old light houses along the gulf and east coast of the U.S., Aprilr 2002
junkmail/junk113/misc.htm Miscellaneous aerial photos on a trip from Oklahoma to Florida and back, April 2002.
junkmail/junk116/i40 Photos of the Interstate 40 bridge collapse near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, May 2002
junkmail/junk119/ak.htm Alaska by Aircam, 2002
junkmail/junk131/kiesling.htm John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/baffinisland.htm Photos from Baffin Island, Canada, June 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/flowers.htm Flowers from Iceland and Norway, June 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/greenland.htm Photos from Greenland, June 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/iceland.htm Photos from Iceland, June 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/lofoten.htm Photos from the Lofoten Islands, June 2003
junkmail/junk138/pics/spitsbergen.htm Photos from Spitsbergen, June 2003
junkmail/junk149/newmadridnews.htm Newspaper Accounts of Mississippi Valley Earthquakes of 1811-1812
junkmail/junk15/atcomdex.htm ViaGragix Photos from Comdex 1999
junkmail/junk15/comdex2.htm Comdex 1999, page 2
junkmail/junk15/comdex5k.htm The 1999 Comdex 5K Run!
junkmail/junk15/fromcomdex.htm Outdoor Pictures, Comdex 1999
junkmail/junk15/tocomdex.htm Aerial Photos from Colorado and Utah, November 1999
junkmail/junk15/unisys.htm Unisys and Me, Comdex 1999
junkmail/junk15/ziff.htm Ziff Davis at Comdex, 1999
junkmail/junk155/buriedjets.htm Buried Iraqi Jets
junkmail/junk156/guide.html Mars24 Clock User's Guide
junkmail/junk156/notes.html Technical Notes on Mars Solar Time
junkmail/junk161/sr71.htm SR-71 Photos
junkmail/junk163/cvn76.htm The USS Ronald Reagan
junkmail/junk163/ddg73.htm Two Destroyers in San Diego
junkmail/junk163/navyjets.htm Navy Jet Photos
junkmail/junk163/seaflyer.htm Photos of the experimental vessel 'Sea Flyer, 2004'
junkmail/junk163/submarines.htm Nuclear Submarine Navy Photos
junkmail/junk163/washington.htm Some Washington, DC Photos, October 2004
junkmail/junk164/gates.htm Bill Gates Stock Sales, 3/3/03 to 8/9/04
junkmail/junk164/repower5m.htm The World's Largest Wind Turbine
junkmail/junk165/heels01.htm From Heels to Mukluks, by Edith 'Jackie' Ronne - Her time in Antarctica, 1946 to 1948.
junkmail/junk166/military Some Interesting Military Photos
junkmail/junk171/babelfish Pictures from Hilton Head to Norfolk, April 2005
junkmail/junk171/dulles The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport, April 2005
junkmail/junk171/toledo Toledo, 2005
junkmail/junk173/katrina.htm Some Hurricane Katrina Photos
junkmail/junk176/copper.htm Photos of the Copper River, Alaska, August 2002
junkmail/junk18/demopolis.htm Demopolis, Mississippi, December 1999
junkmail/junk18/wakiva.htm Photos from Wakiwa Springs State Park, Florida, December 1999
junkmail/junk181/adak Photos from Adak Island, May 2006
junkmail/junk181/oceanplanet 2006 Photos of the Ocean Planet, Vend?e Globe Sailboat
junkmail/junk186/down-in-the-arctic.htm Down in the Arctic by Benjamin Scott Custer, a 1949 article from Collier's Magazine
junkmail/junk189/benbridges.htm The Plot of the Pharisees
junkmail/junk19/pointreyes.htm Point Reyes, California, December 1999
junkmail/junk192/photos/boat1.htm Photos from the Minnow, Key West to Isla Mujeres, 2007
junkmail/junk192/photos/boat2.htm Photos from the Minnow, Isla Mujeres through the Panama Canal, 2007
junkmail/junk192/photos/boat3.htm Photos from the Minnow, Panama to San Diego, 2007
junkmail/junk192/photos/transpac.htm Photos from the Minnow, Transpac 2007, the race to Hawaii
junkmail/junk197/hillaryclinton.com - terms of service.html Hillary Clinton for President, Terms of Service
junkmail/junk208/columbia Photos from the Minnow, Up the Columbia River in Search of the Northwest Passage, 2009
junkmail/junk208/desert Photos from the desert between Las Vegas and Scottsdale, 2009
junkmail/junk208/dinosaur Photos from Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado, 2009
junkmail/junk208/idaho Photos from Craters of the Moon, Idaho, and a few other places in the neighborhood, May 2009
junkmail/junk208/longbeach Photos from the Minnow, Monterey to Long Beach, California, May 2009
junkmail/junk208/newport Photos from the Minnow, Astoria to Newport, Oregon, May 2009
junkmail/junk208/sanfrancisco Photos from the Minnow, Newport, Oregon to San Francisco, May 2009
junkmail/junk209/hertz.htm I was reserving a car at Hertz.com and got this error
junkmail/junk210/alan-turing-deserves-apology-from.html John Graham-Cumming: Alan Turing deserves an apology from the British Government
junkmail/junk213/lighthouse Abandoned Russian Polar Nuclear Lighthouses
junkmail/junk213/merritt Some Birds etc on Merritt Island, Florida, February 2010
junkmail/junk213/northstar North Star Mountain, 3/6/10
junkmail/junk215/close-ups Close-Ups
junkmail/junk216/animals Some Animals (and Bugs)
junkmail/junk217/blasttest.htm Photo sequence of a wood-frame house exposed to a nuclear blast at the Nevada Test Site. The test was Upshot-Knothole Annie, 16 Kilotons, on March 17, 1953.
junkmail/junk217/trinitytest.htm Photos from the Trinity Nuclear Test, 1945
junkmail/junk22/nuclearblast.htm Photos of some nuclear explosions from the 1950s.
junkmail/junk226/pics.htm Pictures of Today!
junkmail/junk226/trafficdeaths.htm Photos from Highland Hammock State Park, Florida, April 2004
junkmail/junk23/hxd Hilton Head, January 2000
junkmail/junk23/quandary Quandary Peak, Colorado (almost), January 2000
junkmail/junk24/nebula.htm Nebulae from Hubble, 2000
junkmail/junk26/bierstadt Mount Bierstadt, Colorado, January 2000
junkmail/junk29/beaver.htm Trees cut by beavers on Pryor Creek, February 2000
junkmail/junk29/trail.htm The Pryor Creek Nature Trail, February 2000
junkmail/junk33/picoftoday.htm Pictures of Today, March 2000
junkmail/junk35/airkeys.htm Some aerial photos of the Florida Keys, April 2000
junkmail/junk35/toledo.htm RC Models at Toledo 2000
junkmail/junk36/sun-n-fun.htm Sun-n-Fun Pictures, 2000
junkmail/junk36/trail.htm Green Pictures, Pryor Creek Nature Trail, April 2000
junkmail/junk39/freude.htm Words to Beethoven's 9th
junkmail/junk4/tennisshoes.htm Photos of Bob's Tennis Shoes
junkmail/junk40/slashdot.htm Microsoft DMCA Takedown Notice to Slashdot, May 2000
junkmail/junk50/flowers/flowers.htm Flowers of Maroon Bells, July 2000
junkmail/junk51/oshkosh/oshkosh.htm Oshkosh 2000 Pictures
junkmail/junk56/clouds Aerial photos of evening clouds in Eastern Colorado, August 2000
junkmail/junk58/mountains Mountain Pictures, 9-16-2000
junkmail/junk58/mountains/rocks.htm Photos of some Colorado rocks, September 2000
junkmail/junk8/icebergs.htm Icebergs in Antarctica, 1994
junkmail/junk85/toledo Toledo RC Model Show, 2001
junkmail/junk94/alaska3.htm Gambell and St. Lawrence Island
katie Katie's Pictures
katy Photos on the Katy Bicycle Trail, Missouri, May 2001
katy/katy2.htm Some Missouri Photos, May 2001
kingsbay Aerial Photos of King's Bay Submarine Base, 2001-2004
ladywashington Photos of the brig Lady Washington in the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon, June 2002
lakeland01 Aircam photos from Pryor to Key West, Washington, and back -- the long way to Sun 'n Fun, Spring 2001
lakeland04 Sun-n-Fun by Aircam, 2004
leadville Photos from the Leadville Airport -- helicopters, Premier I, and Aircam, 2000-2001
leilani Some Minnow Photos, Hawaii 2007
levity Photos from the Catana 52 Levity, 2005
lewisclark Aerial Photos of the Lewis and Clark Trail, June 2002
lightning Lightning Strike, May 10, 2010
lightning0810 Tonight's Lightning, August 31, 2010
lofoten Photos from the Lofoten Islands, June 2003.
lois Lois (Van Valkenburgh) Ross sang these songs in 1951 at a recording studio in Riverside, California.
loop Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, April 2002
machinedesign Machine Design Photos, 2004
mars/color.htm Processing color images from the Mars Rovers filtered images.
mars Mars Information and photos, including hundreds of color photos from the Mars Rovers.
marschallenge Mars Challenge Image Sets
melinda Some pictures of Melinda, 2003-2004
melindajosh Melinda and Josh
messiah Handel's Messiah, orchestral accompaniment, mp3 downloads
mexicorace Photos from the Minnow in the Regata del Sol al Sol 2007, St Petersburg, Florida to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
mexicorace/amigos Amigos Regatta, May 4 2007
mike-janie/pregame Janie and Mike got Married
mike-janie/reception Janie and Mike got Married
mike-janie/rehearsal Janie and Mike
mike-janie/wedding Janie and Mike got Married
miningclaim Mining Claim Photos, June 2003
minnow/daggerboards Minnow Daggerboards
minnow/tramp Minnow Trampoline
minnow07 Photos from the Minnow 2007, from Florida through the Panama Canal to California and on to Hawaii.
minnow08 The Sailing Catamaran Minnow, from Hawaii to Midway, Attu and the Aleutians, along Alaska and Canada to Washington, Summer 2008
minnow09 It hasn't sunk yet!!!
minnow1 Photos from the Minnow, Key West, April 2007
minnow10/ftjeff Fort Jefferson 2010
minnow10/loggerhead Loggerhead Key Undewater
minnow10/middlekey Middle Key Underwater
moab Photos from the Moab Utah area, November 2002
mooretornado Aerial Photos of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 3, 1999. These photos were taken on May 6, 1999.
mountains Some mountains I've climbed (mostly).
mountains/adams Mount Adams, Washington
mountains/aggie Mount Aggie
mountains/bierstadt Mount Bierstadt
mountains/borah Photos from a hike up Borah Peak, the high point of Idaho, September 2006.
mountains/buffalo Photos from a climb up Buffalo Mountain, Summit County, Colorado, September 2001
mountains/capitol Capitol Peak Photos, August 28-29, 2007
mountains/chicagobasin Chicago Basin, September 2008
mountains/dunes08 Photos from the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, August 2008
mountains/eldiente Climbing El Diente (and etc.)
mountains/gannett Gannett Peak, the highest point in Wyoming... Will we ever get to the top?
mountains/granite Granite Peak, Montana, August 2012
mountains/handies Handies Peak, 8/23/2011
mountains/holycross Mount of the Holy Cross (mostly)
mountains/huron Huron Peak, 8/23/2013
mountains/kitcarson Photos from Kit Carson Peak and Challenger Point, Colorado, 9/7/07
mountains/littlebear Little Bear Peak, June 2004
mountains/mtlincoln Mount Lincoln
mountains/oxford Oxford and Belford, 8/26/2013
mountains/pyramidpeak Pyramid Peak, Colorado, July 1999
mountains/quandary In a Quandary
mountains/rainier Climbing Mount Rainier, Washington
mountains/redcloud Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks, Colorado, August 24, 2011
mountains/redmountain Geology photos and sample locations for Red Mountain, Chaffee County, Colorado
mountains/sneffels Photos from Mount Sneffels, Colorado, 8/21/2008
mountains/snowmass Photos from Snowmass Mountain, Colorado, September 2007
mountains/sthelens Photo Pages for Mount St. Helens, Washington
mountains/tellurium Photos and sample locations from Tellurium Creek, Colorado, August 2008
mountains/wetterhorn Wetterhorn Peak, Colorado
music Sheet music, including several Sousa marches, two parts, for C (bass clef) tuba, Eb (treble clef) tuba, and Bb baritone/trumpet, free .pdf files
muskogee Tennis! Muskogee, March 2002
mutiny A boat ride, a skinned finger, and an evacuation, November 2005
naturalbridge Natural Bridge, Alabama April 2007
nauticalcharts NOAA Nautical Charts in .png Format, suitable for printing
nautilus09 Photos from the Nautilus, Undersea Archeology in the Ageaen Sea, August 2009
nepal Wondering and Wandering About Nepal, October 2008
nippletop Dial and Nippletop Mountains, February 2007
nwhi Photo pages from the Minnow, 2008: Niihau (Lehua Crater), Kaula, Five Fathom Pinnacle, Nihoa, Necker, Laysan, Lisianski, and Midway Atoll
nz Some New Zealand Photos
ok-ca Aerial Photos from Oklahoma to California, October 2005
ok-co-1408 Oklahoma to Colorado, August 2014
ok-fl-2012 Some Pictures
ok-wa-2013 California Photos
onecomma Labor Day Trouble, Roger and Leann's, 2010
osage 97 Acres, 4/12/2011
oshkosh05 Oshkosh 2005
oshkosh1 Oshkosh 2001, Oklahoma to Moline
oshkosh2 Oshkosh 2001
pacifica 2004 Chrysler Pacifica
patents Stifling Innovation with Stupid U.S. Patents -- Some Recent Patent News
pc12 Pilatus PC-12/45 N8421E
periscope/1.htm Photos from the Babelfish mast camera, 2005
periscope Photos from the sailing catamaran Babelfish, a Bajia 46, 2005
photomud Photo Mud, a Windows application for photo editing, management, and manipulation.
prodesignii The 1987 release of ProDesign II CAD Software, Free Download
provo Photos on a drive from Provo to Moab, Utah, 2002
pryor Aerial photos of Pryor, Oklahoma, May 2001
records/labels Some Old Record Labels, Mostly 78s.
red-winged-blackbirds Red Winged Blackbirds
reese04 Reeses, Websters, and Etc. 2004
ruta Ruta's, 8/17/13
samplepics Some Sample Photos, 2001
sandisland Sand Island Lighthouse
scotland2013 Scottish Highlands, Orkney, and Shetland
shortstory2010 First Annual Short Story Contest, 2010
shuttle Space Shuttle Launch, July 4, 2006
sidneylanierbridge Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, Georgia
ski09 Breckenridge '09 Skiing
someplanes Airplanes photos from the Minnow, March 2007. P-3 Orion, F-18, and T-38.
springbreak03 Spring Break 2003
stockisland Stock Island Kayaking Photos, February 2006
stretch Bob's Severe Stretches
tbm140 Socota TBM-700 #140
telluride Photos from Telluride, Colorado, May 2001
tennis Pryor Open Tennis Tournament, Pryor, Oklahoma
tennis04 Some Pryor High School Tennis Photos, 2004
toledo04 Toledo RC Model Show, Toledo, Ohio, 2004
tornado Tornado Photos, April 2004, near Chouteau, Oklahoma
towboat A towboat flips under Rooster Bridge near Demopolis, Alabama, April 1979
triathlon06 A triathlon at Fort Riley, Kansas, April 2006
turkey09 On the Nautilus, Bodrum, 8/25/09
uk2010 Photos from England, 2010
underwater Key West Underwater, June 2006
vacation66 Vacation, 1966
vacation67 Vacation 1967
valdez06 Anchorage to Valdez, May 2006
vernal Aerial Photos in the area of the Green River / Yampa River confluence, September 2003
virginiasubs Navy Photos of Virginia Class Nuclear Submarines
wabugs Some Washington Bugs, 2014
wander09 Photo pages from a 2009 trip to Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, France, and Ireland.
waves Photos of Brian, Jerry, and some Hawaii Waves, mid-late 1980's.
whitesands White Sands Century Ride, 2006
whitesands/missiles2013 White Sands Missile Range, December 2013
wymt2013 Wyoming Montana Feb 2013
wymt2013a Yellowstone etc., Feb 2013
xtra Storm Clouds Near Denver
yosemite04 Photos from Yosemite Valley, January 2004.